Aiita Joshua Apamaku

Education Taskforce Lead, Youth4Nature

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Wildlife biologist with cross-cutting interests in wildlife conservation technologies, wildlife and ecological research, climate change. 

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Recent Comments

May 29, 2022

Thanks so much for this awesome piece @Marrian Tendai Rwizi and @Brian Heppenstall, so insightful! 

Indeed, drawing from personal experiences in the sector, I can attest to that. Equity also still remains a huge barrier to fostering wildlife conservation especially in developing countries across Africa. Consequently, we still see business oriented conservation. A moment to revisit our wildlife conservation policies to ensure equity and accessibility- a value I strongly stand for and always want to contribute to!  

May 09, 2022

This is a really awesome piece, thanks for sharing. It relates so much with the field experiences I've had with communities around protected areas in Uganda, Karamoja to be specific. It also speaks to my new project coming up next month to via NatureWILD Hub (stay tuned).  

I will as well be at the IUCN Africa Protected Area Congress this July and will be running a series of podcasts in the move towards the Congress. Would be great to have some of these perspectives incorporated too. 

Apr 19, 2022

Hi Nafeesa! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been involved in related programs (but not necessarily full curricular). I also do know some folks who’ve been doing same or something similar. 
Happy to contribute.