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Course Manager, East Durham College

About Rebecca Sweet

Hello! I'm Rebecca, and I am currently Course Leader for Higher Education at East Durham College. I decided to join MSc Primate Conservation after being inspired during my BSc in Animal Conservation Science. I found a book called "Gorillas in the Mist" and I had a lightbulb moment - primates! I had found my niche. This was confirmed later when I travelled to The Gambia to census the critically endangered Procolobus badius temmincki, during my thesis studying the Callithrix jacchus, and travelling to India to work in a rehabilitation centre for grey langurs and macaques.  I absolutely loved the MSc. It broadened my knowledge, increased my opportunities and really kickstarted my professional career. The lecturers are some of the best the field and it was a privilege to be brushing shoulders with such hard-working academics on a daily basis. I conducted my MSc thesis research at Blackpool Zoo, focusing on Gorilla gorilla gorilla social relationships and enclosure use. The chance to work with this charismatic species was a dream come true! The research has helped the zoo redevelop their gorilla enclosure, using my data to make informed decisions. I am also very happy to be part of a fledgeling, yet crucial organisation: Mountain Marmosets Conservation Program. As part of the Core Operation and Development Team, I am responsible for applying for grants, coordinating a team of students to develop a workshop planning meeting, and researching anything and everything about marmosets! This wonderful program is aiming to help develop an Action Plan to help save the endangered marmoset species' Callithrix aurita and Callithrix flaviceps. I hope to become even more involved with the program as we progress. Finally, I hope to progress onto a PhD within the next five years, developing my expertise and skills in primate conservation. Stay tuned for more primate related content! 

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