Tom Balaguè

Falconer and Wildlife Biologist, NBC Environment

About Tom Balaguè

I am a Master's graduate in Zoology with Conservation, from Bangor University, Wales. My main research interests can be put under the umbrella of animal behaviour and ecology, conservation ecology of threatened species, the factors that threaten them and how we can conserve them. With a particular interest in the ecology of birds, large mammals and the affects that anthropogenic and environmental fluctuations can have on species and populations. In my current role I have trained as a falconer and biologist; for example, flying broadwing hawks and longwing falcons in both urban and rural environments. I have worked on large wildlife management projects all over the UK; namely Scotland and the Isles of Scilly. I have completed dawn and dusk bat surveys, dormouse surveys and ornithological surveys of breeding and wintering gull populations up and down the country. As of October 2020, I will have entered into postgraduate study. My PhD research - at the University of Aberdeen, will be predominantly looking on forecasting the future of raptors in Africa under future climatic scenarios, whilst also focusing on current ecological and anthropogenic threats they face. It is a distance learning project, with its core in ecological modelling.

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