Cheryl Brown

Conservationist and Development Director , NA

About Cheryl Brown

I have 10 years of experience in animal welfare and conservation ranging from fundraising, strategic partnerships and communications as well as helping develop strategy and programs.  I'm also a licensed veterinary nurse. 

I've done work a little work in n Africa as well as on many elephant conservation campaigns. 

I want to refocus my career to more project and program management in conservation.

My special interests are combatting wildlife trafficking, poaching , human-wildlife conflict, wildlife protection and behavior change. 

Which category below best describes the type of organisation you currently work for/or run?

Charity/Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)

Areas of expertise

Species Management Research Funding Fundraising Communication and marketing Partnerships and collaboration development Project/programme management

Would you be willing to be approached and share your lessons learned in your area(s) of expertise with our community?


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Mar 04, 2022

I do some contracting and agree with you. However there isnt a website or place specifically for "freelance conservation work". most orgs post on regular job boards or their own. I think it would take a lot of time to get them to use one resource. 

Nov 07, 2021

Very interested to hear more. 

Similar models are being used where NGOs train local people with transparancy as rangers or eco-guard groups. However Im wondering how you will have the donors involved as that is very tricky and must be careful of letting donors call the shots. . I have alot of experience in that area. 

Would love to hear who you're working with and how you're implementing this. Good luck! Great initiative!

Oct 27, 2021

Thanks for the great class!

Comment on Week 6 - PMWC 🦈
Oct 20, 2021

Very helpful thanks Lea!

Oct 19, 2021

Ive found when people work on a doc together they often either dont tell you where its saved, dont give you permission to edit it, or email a doc around. When its emailed it becomes an issue with many people adding their comments to the same document version and then emailing back several new versions w comments. This is difficult to go through and find all the comments and edit suggestions to make one final document. 

Comment on Week 5 - PMWC 🍃
Oct 19, 2021


Will we also have any review or "class time" or will we login simply to take the test? 



Sep 27, 2021

Hi Justin

Im in washington DC and also been in fundraising and development for several years too. 

Great work you're doing at CCF! Look forward to meeting!