Daniel Mwangi Njuguna (He/Him)

Lecturer , Dairy Training Institute .

About Daniel Mwangi Njuguna

I am a Dairy Consultant, and understand the Human -Wildlife interaction and Conflicts. I have studied International Animal Health and is aware of the importance of wildlife in maintaining Ecosystem Health.

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Replying to Faith Jimmy

So what exactly are you looking for or what help are you looking for in regard to zebra conservation?

1. First is a forum to educate the local community on the importance of zebra conservation outside the national parks and reserves. 

2.  Two have a discussion on where we expect these animals to live as increasing agricultural and urban human activities increases. Find a lasting solution to coexistence with the animals without harming, using them as illegal game meat etc.

3. Develop a community of Frends of Zebras for Conservation.

4. Involve large scale farm owners on the need to provide movement corridors and grazing zones along domestic animals. Explore whether this could attract carbon credit to pay the farmers as a commercial enterprise.

5. Educate the Kenyan Public  on the danger of wildlife extinction or reduced numbers and the effect of Ecosystem health including emerging zoonotic epidemics.