Emily Gilford (She/Her)

Data and Information Officer, The Mammal Society
Justin Gbénou DIDOLANVI

Volunteer/Research Assistant&Project Manager, BEDD NGO

 I am an Ecologist by training. My research interests have focused on : Relations between protected areas and local communities; Wildlife conservation; Community Building; Environmental governance ; Conflict management ; Climate change.


Wildlife Consultant, Freelancer (EY India, WII, GIZ)

This is Aditi Sharma and I am a Veterinarian. I completed my Masters in Veterinary Surgery & Radiology in 2004. I did a PG Diploma in Advanced Wildlife Management from the Wildlife Institute of India in 2015 & PG Diploma in One Health from COHORT, Kerela in 2023. I served the Department of Animal Husbandry in Uttarakhand State Government as Senior Veterinary Officer for 20 years and retired voluntarily on 31st January 2023 to continue as a Freelancer Wildlife Consultant. Currently, I am working on three projects related to Wildlife Health, One Health & Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation. I served in Rajaji Tiger Reserve in Northern India for 5 years from 2015-2020.  I am the Founder of two public charitable Trusts, one works for women's empowerment & safety and the other works for environment conservation. 

Joyce Tuyishime

Student, African Leadership University

I am excited to have joined the Wild Hub platform as it provides a platform for me to engage with like-minded individuals who are passionate about environmental conservation. As a final year student at African Leadership University, majoring in Global Challenges with a focus on environmental conservation, I am committed to ensuring the protection of endangered plant species and the promotion of sustainable conservation practices.

My interest in environmental conservation has led me to work on various research projects, including assessing the impacts of exotic plant species on the ecology of one of the National Parks in Rwanda. Through this project, I was able to gain insights into the complexities involved in managing invasive species and the need for a sustainable approach to conservation.

I also had the privilege of working on pre-impact assessments for the expansion of Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. This experience allowed me to understand the importance of incorporating the perspectives of local communities in conservation initiatives.

Recently, I worked on a project with the Capitals Coalition on sustainable and impact analysis, where I was involved in a case study. This experience enabled me to develop a deeper understanding of the need to integrate economic, social, and environmental considerations in conservation efforts.

Additionally, I had the opportunity to work with the National Geographic Society and he Nature Conservancy on a freshwater and community conservation externship. This experience allowed me to gain valuable insights into the complexities of freshwater management and the importance of engaging with local communities in conservation efforts.

Anne Sleeman

Founder and CEO, WatchSpotter Data Collection Research Hub

With experience in Marine Animal Rehab., Rescue and Research coupled with a nerdy love of data, data science and all things technology, my data collection software company, WatchSpotter is the cumulation of my life’s work. From the hallways of the Marine Animal Rehabilitation Center at the University of New England, my affinity for caring for marine animals was fostered and grew. Being tasked with the center’s life support systems and flow thru animal pools further opened my eyes to water quality, fecal coliforms, and bio-loads.  I was the primary research technician in a multiphase study: Protecting the Saco River: Tracking non-point fecal pollution to its species source. Upon leaving UNE, I traveled to the Southern Great Barrier Reef Australia to work on an international research team focusing on population dynamics for three cetacean species. Once back stateside, I sharpened my Software UX skills working as a software consultant for Centersoft Technologies. After a brief stint volunteering for the Dolphin Photo ID program at Florida Atlantic University Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, I was hired to join the team. I split time the first years at FAU HBOI between the Harmful Algal Bloom lab and the Dolphin Population and Assessment Lab. Settling in as a Research Assistant for the latter as well as a first responder for the Marine Mammal Rescue Team. In working with the Dolphin Population and Assessment Primary Researcher, along with other industry collaborators, I soon became the PIs data analyst and was paramount in the creation and development of the programs state of the art cloud-based SQL database platform. I worked as a liaison between the research program and software architects to assure ease of use, maximum data output and advanced analytics. The software is still used by the newly formed team today.  At the end of 2019 it was time for me to branch out on my own.  In the spring of 2022, WatchSpotter was born. My idea was to create a customizable SaaS application that could be used by researchers worldwide. Data is data- scientific questions need to be answered. My contingency was that no matter what the research topic- if the research brings people into the field-whether scientists, volunteers, or citizens, they are there to gather data-to answer questions. I knew that the two biggest challenges facing many environmental research groups were time and money. It would not be feasible for most nonprofits or other environmental institutions to pay for custom software- which often runs in excess of $150K nor do they have the time to wait for such programs to be complete.  These known challenges fueled the customization and simple UX that make up the WatchSpotter platform. When I’m working with Environmental Science or software, I enjoy being outside in the woods or at the beach, volunteering and hanging with family and friends.

Judith Njoka

Researcher, Academic

Thato Mashigo

Environmental education officer intern, National Zoological Garden

I not so recently obtained my Master’s in Wildlife Management Engineering and have entered the workforce in an entry level position. Currently working as an environmental education intern for the only national zoological garden in South Africa. I am looking for new opportunities to gain skills and knowledge that will enable me to be successful and an asset in whichever organisation or company (within wildlife conservation) that I collaborate with or join. I look forward to gaining and building great partnerships in this community. 

Danielle Boobyer

Marketing / Fundraising consultant, more onion

I specialise in communications and marketing for environmental charities, making ordinary people give a damn about and engage in environmental stories and campaigns - fuelling action and creating change.

I work for an agency called more onion that helps progressive charities and non-profits have more impact through campaigns, fundraising and/or supporter engagement. My I love working with animal/environmental charities, as this is the area I'm most passionate about.

I've worked for WWF, Greenpeace & Surfers Against Sewage, as well as grassroots organisations. As I'm neurodivergent, disabled, a carer and from a working class background, I'm passionate about making sure projects and campaigns are as inclusive as possible - we need everyone to change the world on the scale needed.

Studying an MA in Anthrozoology part-time at Exeter (remote). My final project is studying vocalisations of critically endangered captive Javan Green Magpies and how we can use bioacoustics to inform welfare and understanding. Primate fan, but now falling in love with song birds.

I have a BSc in Biology from St Andrews and won an Undergraduate Award for my genetics research.

I live in the UK. Born in London, but living by the sea in Cornwall.

Please feel free to connect on LinkedIn :)

Amy Hall

Fundraiser, RSPB

I'm an early career conservation educator/ communicator. I currently work face to face, teaching the public in Cornwall all about the RSPB's incredible work, inspiring them to join the charity as members. In my free time, I take that passionate voice online, through my instagram @amyinthewild_. Wildhub seems like a great opportunity to reach likeminded people and learn from the experts in this field. 

Fanuel Nleya

trainer, southern african wildlife college

Michelle Parsons

Seasonal Bat Advisor , Bat Conservation Trust

Welcome to my page! My name is Michelle Parsons, and I'm excited to share with you my passion for conservation. I hold a BSc in Zoology with Conservation from Bangor University and currently work as a Seasonal Bat Advisor at the Bat Conservation Trust in the UK.

I've been fortunate enough to work in various roles within the Bat Conservation Trust, including Volunteer Engagement Officer for the National Bat Monitoring Programme (NBMP), Survey Administration Officer for the BatsinChurches Project, and as an NBMP Project Volunteer.

I'm always eager to learn more and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field, which is why I regularly attend webinars and training courses on a range of important topics. Last year, I completed a Grant Writing for Wildlife Conservation course with WildTeam, and I am currently enrolled in a Project Management for Wildlife Conservation course.

Please feel free to network through my Twitter or LinkedIn profiles! /l\ ^._.^ /l\

Érica Moura

Marine Biologist, Project M.A.R.E.

Lisa Philpott

Trustee, Helping Rhinos

I currently work in the Corporate sector but am looking to make the change and am working towards a career change, particularly focusing on wildlife conservation. Alongside my trustee role at Helping Rhinos I have recently completed a Masters in NGO Management with a specialism in Grant Making & Philanthropy. Now I'm qualified I'm looking to expand my network alongside completing some Wildlife Conservation specific training.

Amy Gornall

Image Analyst, N/A

Hi! My name is Amy and I am an Ornithological Image Analyst for an environmental consultancy. I have a special interest in birds and would love to work on a wildlife conservation project in the future. My other interests include travelling, birdwatching, art/illustration, climbing and gaming.