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Passionate lover of nature

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Sep 25, 2023

A warm welcome Marjan, I'm glad you've figured out it's a nice community for Wildlife research, please feel free to explore our resources. 

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Sep 25, 2023

Welcome to our WildHub Community Hope. 

Sep 25, 2023

Thank you Thirza, this post is helpful to me. Managing different groups virtually, I am able to learn how to engage with them better. 

Sep 13, 2023

Arvind, very insightful however, I hope controlled delivery doesn't turn around with wildlife law enforcement officials abating the trade or having anyone along the value chain take advantage of it? How can this be prevented sustainably?

Sep 13, 2023

Thank you Arvind for this insightful information on the different skillsets offered by Google.

Comment on Hi I'm Tom!
Sep 13, 2023

Tom, good to have you join us. Congratulations on your PhD. You're in the right platform for meaningful connections and network, please explore the different opportunities as well as make your contributions too. It would be nice to hear about your encounter with the blue whale in Iceland.

Comment on Hi I'm Jennifer!
Sep 13, 2023

Hi Jennifer, good to have you join us. Added to Thirza's recommendation, taking the Wildlife conservation courses offered here would be good considering you'll soon be involved in the Albany Thicket Biodiversity Corridor project.

Sep 13, 2023

Welcome Nilo, good to have you join us.