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Hi! My name is Fay and I'm a budding chiropterologist. I've been researching bats since my postgraduate degree in 2016. I have worked for both conservation NGOs and ecological consultancies in Mauritius, Malawi and the UK. Now I am studying towards my PhD at Kyoto University where my research focuses on one of the lesser known endemic species, Myotis pruinosus.

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Jun 08, 2023

I'm afraid I have yet to experience applying for grants for conferences, I've not been to any yet, but I wish you the best of luck in getting there! 

Comment on Why Study Bats?
May 31, 2023
Replying to Grace Alawa

Educative and inspiring, thank you for sharing Fay.

Thank you! 

Comment on Introduction
Jun 16, 2022
Replying to Lara Reden

Welcome to WildHub, @Fay Taylor! It would be interesting to hear more about your work in a WildHub social. These events happen once a month :) 

Thank you, I'll look into it :)

Comment on Introduction
Jun 16, 2022
Replying to Lize Gibson-Hall

Hey @Fay Taylor what an incredible picture. I absolutely love bats and have been lucky enough to help out on surveys down in Devon and Cornwall. I would definitely love to hear more about your research and anything you have learned in the process - especially advice and tips as well as more bat pictures! so please feel free to share in a post if you like :)

The PG Dip course run by the Durrell Conservation Academy in Mauritius sounds really interesting too I will have to have a look as I know they're really big on their fruit bat conservation. 

Definitely agree we need more love for bats 🦇

Please let me know if there's anything we can do to help or if you have any questions either by messaging myself or @Thirza Loffeld or emailing at hello@wildhub.community

Thanks :) 

Thank you! Always keen to share the bat love! 

It's a wonderful course! I studied 'Endangered Species Recovery' and it really was a turning point for my career. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Comment on Introduction
Jun 16, 2022
Replying to Ussi Abuu Mnamengi

You're welcome

Thank you :)

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