Flavia Martinelli

Coordinator, Plant-for-the-Planet Brazil // CoalitionWILD
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Cell Community Extension Officer, Albertine Rift Conservation Society ( ARCOS Network)

I am Theodore Nshimiyumuremyi, a graduate of Zoology and conservation from University of Rwanda. I am currently working as Community Extension Officer Albertine Rift Conservation Society (ARCOSNetwork). I am highly interested in community outreach and development. I stand for fair and equitable interaction of nature and people.
Rachael Cooper-Bohannon

Conservation Scientist, Bat Conservation Trust / RSPB Scotland

Ussi Abuu Mnamengi

Advanced Mapper (Tanzania Development Trust), United Nation Online Volunteers

I am "Mentor" in CW Global Mentorship Programme, and also I am membership in United Nation sustainable development goals platform. https://youtu.be/fTsqPFFKvi0
Andressa Gatti

Chief Executive Officer, Pró-Tapir Institute for Biodiversity

Roland Cedric Goetz

Technical Advisor, KAZA Ministry of Culture Tourism and Environment Angola

Good Afternoon I an A South African Working in Angola a a Game Ranger. I started my Conservation Career Working in the Durban Museum in Ornithological and Small Mammal Research. I then left and joined the Natal Parks Board as a Ranger, working first in the Natal Drakensberg ( Afro Alpine) then Hluhluwe -Umfolozi Complex ( African Big Five Savannah ) then Coastal Region ( Rocky Shores Estuaries Mangrove Woodlands ,Sandy Beaches and Coral Reefs) Left the NPB and took over from Dr. Ian Player as Director of the Wilderness Leadership School father of the Wild Foundation. As part of the Wilderness Foundation SA founded Msinsi Holdings a private Conservation Management Organisation, from there to Angola as Director of Kissama National Park, a National Park on the Atlantic Coast of 10,000 Sq Kms. 120 Kms of Coast with two major river systems with Sea Turtles, Mangroves and Manatee in the River System. Was involved with the then biggest Aerial Translocation of Big Game from SA. to Angola.Then to Luingui-Luina- Mavinga National Parks 94,000 Sq Kms as a Technical Advisor to the Minister of Environment current delayed currently in Durban SA because of the Covid lock down!

social media coordinator, Mountain Marmosets Conservation Program

Allison Carden Hanes

Producer Director Communications Specialist, One Health Productions

I am a trained biologist and primatologist passionate about wildlife conservation, specifically conservation medicine (one health); the intersect between wildlife, ecosystem and human health. My interests span primatology, marine science, veterinary medicine, public health, human-wildlife interactions, community-based conservation, sustainable development, deforestation and ecotourism. I received my BA in Biology and Environmental Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz. I worked with the Schusterman Group: Pinniped Cognition and Sensory Systems Laboratory 
at the Long Marine Laboratory, assisting set regulation standards on marine mammal noise pollution for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. I completed my MSc in Primate Conservation at Oxford Brookes University in 2011. Working closely with the Uganda Wildlife Authority and Conservation Through Public Health my independent research project focused on disease transmission risks between humans and mountain gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda. Following my MSc I directed the Rwanda based nonprofit Art of Conservation, using the arts and creative learning to teach children and their families about living healthy, and helped launch the local offshoot nonprofit Conservation Heritage-Turambe. I work with many nonprofits and professionals across the globe using conferences, events, publications, photography, film and digital media/marketing to share my experiences and knowledge. Between my formal education I have worked as a veterinary technician for over seven years and lived in six continents. I am passionate about our world, exploring new places and cultures, meeting unique and extraordinary people, learning, photography, film and would like to improve the health and livelihood of our planet through work as a conservationist, scientist and filmmaker. I am currently working on a feature length wildlife multimedia project, The Great Call, and an educational one health short on my Master’s work regarding safe mountain gorilla trekking protocols. My team is looking for executive producers and grantors for both projects. If interested please email me at allison@onehealthproductions.com.
Katherine Parrish

chair , Whistlewood Common Limited

Laba K.C

Program Officer, Himalayan Nature

I am working as Program Officer at Himalayan Nature. I completed my master degree in Environmental Science. My major interest and experience are in biodiversity conservation, wildlife research, climate change and urban environment management
Ricardo Nogueira Martins

Executive Director, Local Protected Landscape of Sousa Superior

Ricardo Nogueira Martins was born in Luzern, Switzerland (1990) and lives in Braga, Portugal. He holds a BSc in Geography and Planning, an MSc in Geography - Planning and Territory Management, and a PgDip in EU policies and Territorial Cooperation from the University of Minho. During his academic career, he studied at the University of the Balearic Islands, Spain, and worked as a research fellow. He worked in Portugal as an environmental consultant within the scope of Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Monitoring reports. Between 2014 and 2021, in Guimarães, as a geography researcher at the Landscape Laboratory, he carried out projects about landscape studies, environmental studies, natural values, and protected areas, and territorial planning policies, rural development as well the coordination of some environmental education initiatives. Since 2021, he is the Executive Director of the Local Protected Landscape of Sousa Superior. He strongly trusts Environmental Diplomacy.
Rebecca Sweet

Lecturer , Kendal College

Hello! I'm Rebecca, and I am currently an Animal Management lecturer at Kendal College in Cumbria, UK. I decided to join MSc Primate Conservation after being inspired during my BSc in Animal Conservation Science. I found a book called "Gorillas in the Mist" and I had a lightbulb moment - primates! I had found my niche. This was confirmed later when I travelled to The Gambia to census the critically endangered Procolobus badius temmincki, during my thesis studying the Callithrix jacchus, and travelling to India to work in a rehabilitation centre for grey langurs and macaques.  I absolutely loved the MSc. It broadened my knowledge, increased my opportunities and really kickstarted my professional career. The lecturers are some of the best the field and it was a privilege to be brushing shoulders with such hard-working academics on a daily basis. I conducted my MSc thesis research at Blackpool Zoo, focusing on Gorilla gorilla gorilla social relationships and enclosure use. The chance to work with this charismatic species was a dream come true! The research has helped the zoo redevelop their gorilla enclosure, using my data to make informed decisions. Since completing my MSc, I am now professionally a college lecturer. I am also working with colleagues to develop an FdSc with a focus on conservation (naturally with primatology units thrown in!). I love teaching and inspiring the next wave of academics and animal professionals.  I am also very happy to be part of a fledgeling, yet crucial organisation: Mountain Marmosets Conservation Program. As part of the Core Operation and Development Team, I am responsible for applying for grants, coordinating a team of students to develop a workshop planning meeting, and researching anything and everything about marmosets! This wonderful program is aiming to help develop an Action Plan to help save the endangered marmoset species' Callithrix aurita and Callithrix flaviceps. I hope to become even more involved with the program as we progress. Finally, I hope to progress onto a PhD within the next five years, developing my expertise and skills in primate conservation. Stay tuned for more primate related content! 
Frances Camille Rivera

Co-Founder and Program Director, Oceanus Conservation

Christel Scheske

Project Coordinator - Conservamos por Naturaleza, Sociedad Peruana de Derecho Ambiental