Saziso Moyo

Community Liaison Officer , African Parks

Rachel Ndabala

Project Manager, Weforest

I (Rachel Ndabala) has 6 years working experience in Sustainable Forestry, Fisheries, Wildlife Management and general Community based natural resources management (CBNRM). I hold a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife management and Biology and a Master’s degree in Climate Change and sustainable development. Currently, I am supporting the WeForest Zambia team in implementation of the Global development alliance Hearth consortium Luangwa livelihoods and conservation project. I am based in the North Luangwa Landscape, in Zambia.
Catherine Njore

Cartographer, My Stern Mom Ltd

I am a member of Kenya Forest Club where we focus on educating learners on conservation. As a Cartographer I have authored 8 map books for children to create interest in maps and map uses at an early age. This will see them appreciate GIS and Remote sensing early in life as we have applied the technologies in the maps communicating reducing forest cover in parts of the country.  My passion is to communicate to the young, have them appreciate our efforts and be part of the efforts.
celline awuor

Communications manager , Kang4nature

Greetings fellow conservation warriors! 👋 I'm Celline Awuor, a dedicated Communication Manager at Kang4Nature, where every day is a new opportunity to amplify the voices of nature. 🦋🌳 As a passionate conservationist, I believe in the power of communication to inspire change and foster a deeper connection between people and the planet.. 📣 In my role, I weave the narrative of our organization's commitment to preserving biodiversity and safeguarding our ecosystems. From crafting compelling stories to harnessing the potential of digital platforms, I strive to make the urgency of conservation accessible and engaging for all. Join me on this wild journey as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of environmental advocacy. Let's connect, collaborate, and contribute to the global conversation on WildHub. Together, let's sow the seeds of change and nurture a future where nature thrives and our planet flourishes. 🌏🌿 #ConservationChampion #WildlifeWarrior #CommunicationsForChange

Conservation Education officer, Better Earth Foundation

Am an enthusiastic conservation Biologist at early stage of my career. I have been involved in social-ecology including conservation education campaign targeted at young kids over the years as a resulting of working with Better Earth Foundation. I have conducted scientific research around human utilization of wildlife resources around conflict environment.  In addition, i have passion for ornithology, plant and animal interaction as well as vegetation assessment. Am a member of Jos Bird club, Nigeria bird Atlas project (NiBAP),  as well as alumni of APLORI and TBA scientific writing and publication.
Emmanuel IZABAYO

Research Assistant, Dian Fossey gorilla fund.

My area of interest in primate behaviors, not only because I have a background in zoology and conservation but also as someone who spent most of my time with primates. Moreover, I have some skills related to people vs wildlife conflict around PAs. currently, I'm working as a research assistant in mountain gorilla behavior data collection at Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund | Rwanda.
Averroes Oktaliza

Conservationist, ASTA Indonesia

Loupa Pius

Landscape Project Officer, African Wildlife Foundation

Loupa Pius, MSc. Environmental Science and Natural Resource Management at Gulu University in Uganda. Conservation and Policy- Charles R Wall Policy Fellow 2023. I work as landscape officer, at African Wildlife Foundation, The rangeland consultant and Founder of Rural Land Initiative Africa. The Co -chair International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralist (IYRP 2026) Eastern Africa Working Group; Volunteer Coordinator Eastern Africa Indigenous Peoples Alliance (EAICA).
Dr Neil Wilson

Director, Principal Ecologist, Conservation Biologist and Environmental Scientist, The Ecological Partnership (Pty) Ltd

Director, Principal Ecologist, Conservation Biologist and Environmental Scientist at The Ecological Partnership, with over 500 ecological, behavioural ecological, ethological, biodiversity conservation and broader environmental science studies. Passionate about vital effective and critically urgent Biodiversity Conservation, EO Wilson's Half Earth Project, which advocates for the conservation of at least 50% of all the Earth's natural ecosystems, effective critically urgent mitigation, or intervention for the rapidly accelerating Anthropogenic Biodiversity Apocalypse, Anthropogenic Sixth Global Mass Extinction, and Anthropogenically Exacerbated Global Warming.
Gésica Canivete

Pesquisadora Hidrógrafa Junior, Maputo Port Developd Company

Nyiramugisha Jennifer

General Manager, Travellers Hotel Kisoro

My name is Nyiramugisha Jennifer from Kisoro a South western part of Uganda within the Virunga trans-boundaries with Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. I offer professional services in the hospitality industry and currently based at Travellers Hotel one of the Oldest and most Celebrated Historical Eco conscious facility within the Gorilla neighbourhoods of Uganda and Rwanda.  I also serve on a governing team that supports all the stakeholders within the Kigezi Tourism Association Umbrella Network. I am passionate about sustainable practices that ecologicaly restore our local landscapes and I am interested in learning and sharing my 14 years of diverse work experiences with the WildHub global community of Actors in the Conservation Space.


Anna Yachmennikova

Senior Researcher , Persian Leopard Working Group/A.N.Severtsov Institute of ecology and evolution of the russian academy of sciences

Disciplines Animal Communications Ecology Zoology Skills and expertise Ecology and Evolution Conservation Biology Conservation Biodiversity Wildlife Conservation Wildlife Biology Ethology Behavioral Ecology Animal Ecology Wildlife Ecology Mammals Population Ecology Animal Behavior Animal Biology Conservation Ecology Field Ecology Field Studies Mammalogy Field Experience Spatial Ecology Camera Trapping Rehabilitation Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers Zoo Animal Welfare Physiological Ecology Wildlife Management Ornithology Endangered Species Biodiversity Monitoring Evolution Behavior Analysis Ecology
Uchenna Rowland Onyeizu, Ph.D., CEnv.

State Project Coordinator , Livelihood Improvement Family Enterprises (LIFE-ND)

Uchenna is a Chartered Environmentalist, University Lecturer and on secondment to IFAD-funded LivelihoodImprovement Family Enterprises – Niger Delta (LIFE-ND) Project as Abia State Project Coordinator, a board oftrustee-member of Future Generation University, USA; Chairman - Abia State Chapter of Nigerian Environmental Society (NES); with a doctoral degree in environmental forest ecology. He has over 20 peer-reviewed academic publications, and an international development professional with over 22 years and hasworked at least once in each Nigerian state as an Independent Development Consultant. Also, he hasprovided development consultancy services in India, Nepal, United States of America, Rwanda, Cameroon,United Kingdom and Namibia. Recently, he participated as the Nigerian representative in a-global research titled ‘Developing indicators of Peace’,  piloted by Future Generations University in collaboration with the United States Institute of Peace. Uchenna’s skills include an in-depth understanding of community working systems in developing countries;linking policy analysis and emerging issues to plans; understanding of pro-poor and gender issues indevelopment, an excellent team player, good interpersonal, report writing and communication skills.
Nkusi Gerald

Founder & CEO, Food Forests Africa Movement

As a promoter of culture and diversity, Gerald Nkusi is a travel ecopreneur with Adventure Afrika and founder of Home of Kigezi (a Museum of Living Culture and Natural History), Nkunga Eco Village, and the Food Forest Africa movement. His roots and home are in Kisoro, a part of the Kigezi region in Uganda. Starting as a waiter trading long nights of work for education at the famous Makerere University 2006 and a US Exchange Alumni-IVLP 2017, he has transformed into a local and global actor in the cultural heritage and conservation space. Gerald's Food Forest Africa movement is revolutionizing the use of small and waste spaces for food, health, education and environment to help counter food insecurity, poor nutrition, and the degradation of natural resources. 
Hello, My name is Sundisi Laxmi Hakim from Kampala , Uganda. I am a student of tourism and hospitaly management at Makerere University. I am so excited to be part of the WildHub community.I really hope to learn alot.
Rochelle Katlego Mphetlhe

Researcher, Raptors Botswana

I hold an MSc in Conservation Biology from the University of Cape Town, under the FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology. My project was about quantifying raptor abundance trends in Botswana, through raptor road surveys. I drove 26000 km observing and recording any raptors, perching or flying. This infused my passion for nature and wildlife protection and conservation, as I gained experience in handling live birds such as vultures, eagles etc. My interests include bird ringing, outdoor camping, hiking, and going out for picnics. I am currently a researcher for a Honeyguide-Human mutualism investigation project in northern Botswana. I am also training to become a qualified bird ringer.
Denis Nyongesa Bwire

Civil engineering student , Machakos university

I am writing to provide a concise overview of my profile as a Civil Engineer, detailing my expertise, interests, and experience in the field. Expertise: As a Civil Engineer, my expertise lies in a wide array of areas within the discipline. I have a strong foundation in structural engineering, transportation engineering, environmental engineering, and geotechnical engineering. My proficiency extends to designing and overseeing the construction of various infrastructural projects, ensuring compliance with industry standards and safety regulations. Interests: My passion for civil engineering extends beyond the professional sphere. I am deeply interested in sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in the construction industry. Exploring innovative technologies and techniques to minimize the environmental impact of projects is a priority for me. Additionally, I am keen on staying updated with the latest advancements in the field to enhance my knowledge and skills continually. Experience: Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working on diverse projects, ranging from residential and commercial buildings to transportation networks and environmental projects. I have been involved in project planning, design, implementation, and management, gaining valuable experience in team coordination, budget management, and client satisfaction. Moreover, I have a track record of successfully leading teams to deliver projects on time and within budget while adhering to quality standards.
Ruth Jepkemoi

Biodiversity conservationist , Kang4Nature

I am an environmentalist with five years of experience in biodiversity conservation and wildlife management. The pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology marked a monumental step in shaping my professional journey in conservation. In 2019, I co-founded Kang4Nature, a volunteer youth group dedicated to executing environmental restoration projects in Nairobi, Kenya. This initiative showcased my leadership potential and eventually led me to assume the role of Programs Manager at CHD Conservation Kenya a grassroots organization committed to fostering public engagement in conservation through education and awareness programs, citizen research, and sustainable enterprise development. In this capacity, I have refined my skills in various areas, including curriculum development for youth engagement in conservation, promoting diversity and inclusion of indigenous women and girls in rangelands, stakeholder engagement, partnership cultivation, and fundraising. My commitment to leadership growth led me to participate in the Women in Conservation Leadership fellowship offered by the Centre for Protected Area Management at Colorado State University and the Project Management in Global Health program offered by the University of Washington. These experiences, along with my recent accomplishment of attaining a Master of Philosophy in Conservation Leadership from the University of Cambridge, have contributed significantly to my skill set. While studying at the University of Cambridge, I collaborated with Fauna & Flora, an international conservation organization. My role involved developing guiding recommendations to promote gender-transformative approaches within the conservation sector. Additionally, I provided consulting services to UNEP-WCMC, where I focused on devising innovative strategies to turning complex National Ecosystem Assessment (NEA) reports into impactful Summary for Policy Markers (SPMs). My journey reflects a blend of academic rigor, hands-on experience, and a profound commitment to driving positive change in conservation.

Environment Coordinator , HRSG

I'm thrilled to be a part of WildHub as I embark on an exciting journey in the world of wildlife conservation project management. With a deep passion for preserving our planet's precious biodiversity. Let's work together to make a positive impact on wildlife and their habitats!"