Flavia Martinelli

Climate Change Specialist, WWF-Brazil
Susie Curtis

Project Manager / Master's student in Conservation, Kent university

Eferemo Kubunavanua

Community Engagement Officer, Wildlife Conservation Society

I am a Coastal Fisheries practitioner working in Fiji. I have experience in the area of Ridge to Reef management supporting communities develop and implement Ecosystem Based Management plans. 

Jackline Njeri

Strategic Projects Officer, Mr Green Africa

I am working at Mr Green Africa as a Strategic Projects Officer, a role that entails taking a human-centred approach to design and test operational and logistical aspects of business concepts/projects (Agent/franchise models) that will enable Mr Green Africa to engage plastics consumers to sustainably recycle their plastics and earn redeemable points while also achieving meaningful social impact. 

I am also working on an initiative dubbed "better blue planet" in collaboration with a colleague. The Initiative is aimed at creating awareness and advocating for sustainable water resource utilization and will be ready for launch in the last leg of quarter 4.

My key skills are; Project Planning, operations management, strategic thinking, design thinking, adaptability, collaboration and Creativity. 

I enjoy learning (in theory and in context), travelling, making new friends and engaging in sustainability-related activities. 

Samirah Siddiqui

Programme Coordinator, Global Environments Network

Ram Prakash


Tania Bird

Project Manager, FFI

Loswitha Murugani

Conservation Biology student, Painted Dog Research Trust

I am a Conservation Biology student studying BSc Honours Degree in Biology. I have been actively involved in wildlife conservation practices doing field research education and training in local schools.

Sukeerti Raikwar

India Program Coordinator, Abercrombie and Kent Philanthropy

Andrew Gogarty

Postroom Operator, Publishing company

I am looking to follow professionals in the field and understand more about the opportunities out there. I have a degree in Biological Sciences with a focus on biodiversity and conservation, but I have almost no relevant work experience.
Bhekilizwe Zwelinjani

Admin Assistant , Painted Dog Research Trust

Ussi Abuu Mnamengi

WildHub Core community member, WildHub Conservation Community

My name is Ussi Abuu, I'm a WildHub Core Community member who is working towards achieving the Conservation Catalyst status. I'm based in Zanzibar, Tanzania, and previously worked at the Tanzania Development Trust as a Mapper. I have also been part of the UN volunteer programme since 2016. 

Bhuwan Joshi

Student, Institute of Forestry

I am an undergraduate student at the Institute Of Forestry, Hetauda campus under Tribhuvan University with a keen interest in wildlife conservation and Ecology Study. Currently, I'm working as a student intern at Forest Research and Training Centre under the Ministry of Forest and Environment, Nepal as a part of my undergraduate research study. I'm also seeking for research assistantship for my masters.

Donna Maltz

Soil to Soul Entreprenour, Soil to Soul Solutions

Sophie Flux

MD, Animal Aiders

Hi, I’m really excited to be attending this course as I want to career switch into Conservation and Project Management will help me on this journey. I currently run my own animal first aid business and I am half way through a Masters in Applied Wildlife Conservation at Anglia Ruskin University. Looking forward to meeting everyone on the course!

Kriss Atkin

Development Administration Assistant, ClientEarth

I have worked in Further and Higher Education for most of my career. I have experience of project management, stakeholder management, business administration and process improvement. My last role was as a Research Student Manager looking after over 300 PhD computer science students. I decided to chase my dream of working in conservation when I had the opportunity to take voluntary redundancy...if not now, when? was finally the question that make me take the big scary jump. I'm really interested in rewilding, reintroducing species, habitat maintenance and general health of our world's wildlife and habitats. As a career switcher I have limited experience in conservation but have always been around animals and not afraid to get my hands dirty having worked on a farm when I was younger, and I'm keen horse rider. I am currently seeking local volunteer opportunities. Lock-down has obviously made things a bit harder to get as involved as I'd hoped, but am exploring the options that are available remotely.

Samuel Ndungu

Teacher, Egerton

Am currently a student in Egerton University where am undertaking my course of Bachelor of education in arts specializing in Mathematics and Business studies.. 

I have been studying entrepreneurship as I do have great interest to engage to credible business ideas that will impact people's lifestyles by creating jobs to youths especially  after graduation from their studies. 

Have broad knowledge in this field am planning to learn more ideas about it to make life better and besides exercise Corporate Social Responsibility to facilitate in achieving Sustainable development goals such as poverty reduction, and so on. 

I love practices meant to enhance environmental conservation for example application of clean energy sources that contribute to good air to breathe and ultimately have sustainable life here on earth. 

Thank you 

Neema Robert

Assistant Lecturer, College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka

I hold a Masters's degree in Environmental Governance with a specialization in Biodiversity from the United Nations University-Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS), Japan. I am currently working as an assistant lecturer at the College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka. My research interests lie in the socio-ecological interface and I have a strong background in wildlife ecology and biodiversity assessment. I have served for several projects at the College namely Bee Pollinator Monitoring Project- Tanzania (2017 – 2020) as project coordinator and researcher, Integrating technologies in combating poaching in the Selous Game Reserve project (2017 – 2019) as a researcher and Spatial Monitoring Application and Reporting Tool (SMART) project (2018 – 2020) as project coordinator and researcher including developing a curriculum for Postgraduate Diploma in Conservation Technologies and Innovations. I have also co-authored and published in peer-reviewed journals, presented in scientific conferences

Maria Victoria Lassaga

Project Manager, Natura International

I´m PM4R Master certificated for BID and I work as a Project Manager at Natura International, an NGO dedicated to the creation of protected areas. I am in my last year of Biology at the National University of Cordoba and I am doing my final thesis on mammals in a reserve in my province. During my career I have done volunteer work in La Coronilla, Uruguay with sea turtles and I am currently doing a research internship in the project "Defaunacion de la mastofauna en la porción Sur del Gran Chaco Americano". I would like to specialize in conservation and ecology

Lloyd Moyo

Wildlife Crime Data Management Officer, Mazunga Safaris

João Tonini

Postdoctoral fellow, OEB/MCZ

I am an evolutionary biologist broadly interested in how biodiversity arises, how does it change through time and space, what are the genetic basis of phenotypes under natural and sexual selection, and how to incorporate evolutionary history as a priority to define extinction risks and species conservation strategies. To this end, I integrate phylogenetics, genomics, species distribution models, macroecological and macroevolutionary analyses of species diversification, biogeography, community ecology, and present-day extinction risk. My research focus on local and macroscale questions that demands to gather large amounts of molecular, ecological, and phenotypic data from the literature, databases, museum collections, and through my own fieldwork and genomic sequencing for ongoing projects. The result is generation novel information, new venues of research questions, and adds value to voucher specimens in natural history collections. Furthermore, this approach provides opportunities to train undergraduates and graduate students, help them feel comfortable acquiring baseline information from specimens, as well as using bioinformatics pipelines and techniques necessary to analyze different sources of genomic and biodiversity data.