Kartik Thevar

Zoo / Rehabilitation Biologist, Gorewada Zoo & Rescue Centre, Maharashtra
  • Gorewada Zoo & Rescue Centre, Maharashtra
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About Kartik Thevar

I am a Biologist specializing in Wildlife Rehabilitation and Enrichment for Zoo Animals. I have  keen interest in Carnivore Biology (Wild Felines, Meso-predators & Birds of Prey) & Marine Mammals Conservation

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Jun 24, 2022
Replying to Lara Reden

Welcome to WildHub, @Kartik Thevar! I love the photos of all the big cats. One way to meet others on the platform is to join the monthly socials. It would be a pleasure to meet you there.

Thank you Ms. Reden,, I would surely love to join the monthly socials

Jun 24, 2022
Replying to Adam Barlow

Welcome Kartik! 

Thank you Mr. Barlow

Jun 24, 2022
Replying to Thirza Loffeld

A warm welcome to our community, Kartik! Wonderful to have you join us :) 

Thank you so much Ms. Loffeld