About Marc Tetzlaff

I am a zookeeper from Germany. In Germany, Zookeeping requires a 3-year job training, which I finished in 2018. The zoo I got trained in keeps (among others) polar bears, chimpanzees, mountain lions, tamarins, Humboldt-penguins, sea lions, fur seals, keas and a salt water aquarium. By working in the zoo I got more and more interested in the conservation efforts zoos are doing all over the planet. Inspired by that, I left Germany to work for one year at the Endangered Primate Rescue Center (EPRC), Vietnam. The center is run by Zoo Leipzig (Germany) and rescues lorises, langurs and gibbons from all over Vietnam from the illegal pet trade. Currently I am working for a small bird rehabilitation center in Germany. As I enjoy living and working in tropical countries like Vietnam, I am hoping to be able to work in conservation in a foreign country again soon. Being professionally trained in animal husbandry, I focus on jobs at rescue centers, conservation breeding arks or something similar.

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WildTeam PMWC March-April 2021