Natalia Rożniewska

Veterinarian, Association Capture and Release

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Dec 21, 2022
Replying to Thirza Loffeld

A warm welcome to WildHub, Natalia! I look forward to learning from your expertise, especially regarding your lessons learned whilst working on the Antillean Manatee Reintroduction Project in Guadeloupe. Would you be able to share these lessons learned with the WildHub community perhaps? Please also see our Contributor guidelines here for tips :) 

Hello Thirza! I would be very happy to share the lessons from the project, but I will struggle to put them in 1500 words ;) It was an exceptional experience to work for this project for 4 years, but also very frustrating to see it being stopped because of a lack of political support and internal conflicts of the leading organisation. With the association we are now working on a documentary film MANMAN-DLO ("manatee" in Creole) in order to raise awareness and to give this project a second chance.

You can already see a teaser presenting the project:

Please let me know where and how I could best contribute to the WildHub community!

Comment on Natalia new here
Oct 04, 2022
Replying to Lize Gibson-Hall

A warm welcome to the community Natalia. Your experience sounds amazing please feel free to share any upcoming projects with us!. Feel free to check out our upcoming socials where you can connect with other members. If you have any questions at all please get in contact or see the Q and A board here :) Lize 

Thank you!