Samuel Bilério

HWC mitigation officer and Veterinarian , Wildlife Conservation Society - Niassa Special Reserve [Mozambique]

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I’m Mozambican with veterinarian background, focused wildlife management with one health approaches, associated with Community Based natural resources management, alterative livelihoods, sustainable use of flora and fauna.

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Feb 06, 2023
Replying to Thirza Loffeld

Hi Sam, a warm welcome to WildHub! May I ask 1) what your main challenge has been, working as a vet in Mozambique and 2) how you overcome this challenge? Thank you in advance for sharing! 

Hi Thirza!

First of all, being a Veterinarian in Mozambique isn't very difficult, but being a wildlife veterinarian even with training done and everything, is not easy. One of the strategies used by myself to overcome this challenge was to seek to join veterinarians who are have been doing this job for a long time to be able to have confidence, gain more experience and trust from them, because although the country is large but the number of wildlife veterinarians is few, also associated with the type of work done by wildlife veterinarians in Conservations areas. 
However the easiest way to win in knowing the network of wildlife veterinarians and take part through exchanges, and professional internships and you will only meet more people and when you least expect it will already be there!