Victoria Mkessa

Programs Coordinator, Grumeti Fund Trust

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Recent Comments

Feb 01, 2024
Replying to Chrissy

Hi Victoria, Welcome to the WildHub community! Lovely to have you here <3

Thanks for the welcome note Chrissy 🫶

Feb 01, 2024
Replying to Thirza Loffeld

Hi Victoria, welcome to WildHub! Wonderful to read you will be doing the WildTeam Project Management for Wildlife Conservation training course; have a great start! 

It would be great to learn more about your work: what kind of capacity building programs are you doing? Any lessons learned you could share with us are most welcome :) 

Thanks Thirza! We focus on supporting early career scientists and students by sponsoring graduate studies but also through developing conservation related practical skills-based training programs. One program that is very popular is our Women in the Field training program that is designed specifically for women. In our country, conservation is a male dominated field and women are underrepresented in conservation and research communities. Recognizing this and the many barriers that inhibit women from participating in conservation work, the program was started to prepare women to pursue opportunities in the conservation space through skill development, and most importantly to build professional networks and create a community of women that support each other. It's always good to see how confident and inspired the women are at the end of the program!! Most of the ladies go on to graduate school or work in other organizations and are doing awesome work!! There's a video of one of our alumni that made its rounds in the country, you can check it out here. Lat year we ran a similar program in collaboration with Wildlabs and Flora & Fauna (WiCT) plus other workshops on Scientific Communications and Conservation story telling. So, we are always looking for ways to foster new collaborations and expand our programs to reach more women and youth and I think this is a great step towards inclusion and change in the conservation space in our country.