Dive into the world of WildHub's conservationists - webinar recording

Our Deep Dive session today, as part of the Earth Optimism Summit (EOS), went incredible well. Thanks to our fantastic team, the EOS organisers and of course the supportive audience with their excellent questions (we were maxed out, a 100 participants!)

In our deep dive we celebrated our members' conservation success in building capacity for conservation; we learned from each other and provided mutual encouragement to your fellow conservationists!  I realise not all of your questions were answered and some of you were not able to join the session at all because of our 100 participants cap. So please continue to ask questions to our panelists by posting these below their blogs on WildHub (you need to be logged in as a member to do so - free registration). Just click on a panelists' name below and you will be taken to their blog. 

  • Format: Brief presentations by the panelists followed by a Q&A with participants.  
  • Target audience: Conservationists 
  • Length: 60 minutes  

 Panelists include:

  1. Trang Nguyen - Founder and Director, WildAct, Vietnam
  2. Kate Vannelli - Director, Global Conservation Corps, US 
  3. Shaleen Attre - Co-founder IndianSnakes, India
  4. Eva Rehse - Director, Global GreenGrants Fund, UK
  5. Jessie Panazzolo - Founder of Lonely Conservationists,  Australia
  6. Sheherazade - President of Tambora Muda, Indonesia
  7. Moderator: Allison Catalano, Phd Candidate, Imperial College London
  8. Technical expertise: Beth Robinson, WildLearning Specialist, WildTeam UK
  9. Organiser: Thirza Loffeld, Community Manager, WildHub, UK 

We used Zoom for this session, kindly provided by WildTeam, UK. 

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almost 4 years ago

Hi all, 

Here are the two reports I reference on gender and environment: 

Our Voices, Our Environment - The State of Funding for Women's Environmental Action, by Global Greengrants Fund and Prospera International Network of Women's Funds 

Climate Justice and Women's Rights - A Guide to Supporting Grassroots Women's Action by Global Greengrants Fund