WildTeam and Zapnito - A Panel with Adam and Thirza

WildTeam's Adam Barlow and Thirza Loffeld joined Zapnito's CEO Charles Thiede to discuss our Zapnito-powered community - WildHub - the ins and outs of what it takes to foster a community of highly engaged members, and the challenges that COVID has posed to the conservation sector.

4:20 Why WildHub came to be and how this is an extension of WildTeam UK
7:00 Day in the life of WildHub’s community manager
10:20 How to build an online community – 2 tips to do this
13:20 WildHub community, conservation and Covid-19
19:00 What is the future of conservation?
22:00 Lessons learned setting up an online community and next steps for WildHub
26:10 How can people outside of the conservation profession help conservation action
33:40 Setting up an online community with help of Zapnito