Animating Carbon Cycle - Webinar Recording

In celebration of the Launch of the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, the Global Rewilding Alliance is proud to present a conversation between globally renowned experts on the relationship between nature and climate, and the promise of rewilding as a method of solving the climate emergency.

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Source (June 3 2021):

Panel speakers include the following distinguished guests: Karl Burkart (One Earth), Russell Mittermeier (Re:wild), Oswald J. Schmitz (Yale School of the Environment), Steven Lutz (UN Environment & GRID Arendal), Kristine Tompkins (Tompkins Conservation), Henri Brocklebank (Sussex Wildlife Trust), Melina Sakiyama (co-founder of the Global Youth Biodiversity Network.

Flavia Martinelli

Coordinator, Plant-for-the-Planet Brazil // CoalitionWILD

Master in Animal Biology, with a deep interest in biodiversity conservation, restoration and climate change. Current Coordinator of Actions and Partnerships at Plant-for-the-Planet Brazil and voluntary collaborator of CoalitionWILD. In addition, coordinates youth actions within the Global Rewilding Alliance.
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