Apply NOW: Learning Experience Designer at The School of Wildlife Conservation, African Leadership University

We are looking for a Learning Experience Designer who will design and curate powerful learning experiences for The School of Wildlife Conservation’s business and leadership modules with a conservation lens that are being delivered to conservation professionals in a series of online sessions.

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The School of Wildlife Conservation has leveraged the African Leadership Group's 15 years of leadership development experience to deliver this unique part time executive training programme. The Leadership Pathway for Conservation Professionals is uniquely curated to provide mid-career professionals with the tools to deepen their understanding of leadership and drive their personal and professional journey with vision and success within the conservation sector.

The role will be to facilitate leadership and business training modules with a conservation lens to mid-level conservation professionals combined into four topics; 

  • Self Leadership: Deepening your understanding of how you approach the world, how that differs from others and effectively leverage this diversity to enrich your life, your career and the world. 
  • People Leadership: Bringing out the best in others by setting expectations, giving feedback, managing conflict, and guiding collaboration.
  • Strategic Leadership: Connecting to the big picture by understanding your business and how your team contributes to growth and profitability.
  • Commercial Leadership: Driving the business by building a high output culture of financial management and project management.


ALU creates powerful ‘learning experiences’, that distribute the focus of learning from the teacher (where it has traditionally been) across a multimodal experience. This experience empowers the learner to drive their own learning, leverage peers, tap into online resources, enable immediate application of skills and knowledge, and use project-based and other innovative forms of assessment. As a Learning Experience Designer you will use your creativity to curate powerful learning experiences by working collaboratively with The School of Wildlife Conservation academic team. These sessions will need to impart business and leadership skills to conservation professionals. 

You will join on a six month contract as a Learning Experience Designer for the School of Wildlife Conservation (SOWC) and work closely with our Academic Dean and Director of Academics to design and curate powerful learning experiences for business, leadership and conservation modules.

Some of your key responsibilities would be to:

  • Conduct design sessions with SOWC’s academic team to map out key learning outcomes and desired competencies to be developed for the Conservation Leadership programme.
  • Develop curriculum of high-quality course content, facilitated in-person learning sessions, and simulation-based experiential learning in consultation with SOWC’s academic team. 
  • To curate detailed session plans for self-paced online learning.
  • To work to project timelines to deliver world-class, well-designed learning experiences.
  • Create and update instructor guides and student guides in addition to internal guides for SOWC’s  academic team.


  • 3 years + of experience in instructional/curriculum design and content development in digital pedagogy, focusing on adult learning and higher education for online learning and technology based-learning 
  • Instructional design expertise. Understanding of pedagogy and instructional approaches, curriculum, and tool design, and assessments utilising simulations as an e-learning tool
  • Have a good understanding of the global learning & development market, particularly from mid to senior executive level
  • Product design
  • Experience in design and development of digital learning and teaching materials
  • Hands-on experience with Learning Management Software (LMS) preferably Canvas
  • Project management
  • Passion to design alternative learning experience with the intent to shift mindsets, and interest in delivering learning in an innovative format beyond traditional classroom teaching
  • Strong writing and visual communication skills
  • Flexible and comfortable with change
  • Contract from October to March 2022: an average of 10 days for 6 months 
  • The position will be conducted remotely 


  • Fluent in English and French with the ability to design in both languages
  • A broad understanding on key international conservation issues and an understanding of the business of conservation, ideally within the African context

Louisa Richmond-Coggan

Dean, African Leadership University, School of Wildlife Conservation

I have nineteen years of international experience in the field of conservation both in situ and ex-situ. From an early age, I have been passionate and intrigued by the natural world. My love of African wildlife and the continent they live in has shaped the person I am today and in turn the direction my professional career has taken. From my first visit to Tanzania to my current work in Namibia, I have come to understand the multifaceted relationship between wildlife and people. It cannot be denied that people are the root cause of a species decline but they are also the key to a species survival as well; this is my focus. Every one of my projects has grown my understanding of this relationship. I do this by taking the time to sit and talk to the people who are impacted by wildlife to generate real-world solutions. As a conservation scientist, I believe we should always be asking the key question ‘How can people and wildlife coexist?’ In 2016, I realised that to establish practices which affect real conservation results in time frames that address challenges before they become irretrievable, conservationists need to be more innovative, flexible and collaborative in their approach than we have traditionally been. My solution to this was to become an independent ecological consultant, able to work where and when I was required and, crucially, with all stakeholders and not just the ones my views were aligned with and in 2017 I started LRC Wildlife Conservation. In November 2020 I became the Dean for the School of Wildlife Conservation at the African Leadership University based in Kigali, Rwanda. As Dean, I am responsible for designing and implementing the School’s academic curriculum for undergraduate, MBA, and professional development programmes. Strengthening the faculty team and providing academic leadership for the School’s growing student body. The ALU School of Wildlife Conservation is an initiative of the African Leadership Group established to catalyse innovation and growth in Africa’s conservation sector. This is because we recognise Wildlife Conservation as one of Africa’s great opportunities and competitive advantages. We see the sector’s potential to drive sustainable ecological and economic development on the continent.
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