Recording: Conservation tools - new platforms & technologies

A recording of the WildHub Festival session "Conservation Tools: New Platforms & Technologies" on June 15th 12.30pm - 4pm BST

Keeping up with the ever evolving field of conservation technology can be a challenge. In this session you will hear from conservation technology leaders who discuss a variety of topics including; their application of technology in the field, online community engagement platforms and artificial intelligence.

Due to length of this session, we have made an overview of the sections; please find the different presentations at the times below: 

  • 00:00:00 - 00:02:27 Introduction by organiser Louisa Richmond-Coggan
  • 00:02:28 - 00:21:50 Tommy Gaillard, Founder & Coordinator Human-Wildlife Interaction Projects: ENCOSH & COFEEL
  • 00:23:30 - 00:49:40 Priscillia Miard, PhD Researcher, Universiti Sains Malaysia Primate Research and Conservation Lab
  • 00:50:50 - 01:18:50 Benjamin Barca, Regional Coordinator West Africa, NatureMetrics
  • 01:19:15 - 01:42:03 Serge Wich, Primate Biology, Liverpool John Moores University
  • 01:42:29- 02:10:23 Jaco Mattheus, Technical Advisor and Telemetry Consultant, Global Supplies
  • 02:10:25 - 02:36:55 Stephanie Schuttler, Co-Chair of Communications and Outreach Wildlife Insights
  • 02:37:00 - 02:58:19 Debbie Saunders, Wildlife Drones Founder & Conservation Ecologist, Australian National University
  • 03:03:25 - 03:28:52 Q&A with panellists

We hope this recording will be a useful resource for our community and beyond; please feel free to share it widely. 

A big thank you to all panellists and organiser Louisa Richmond-Coggan for making this WildHub Festival session possible. Many thanks also to Lucy Boddam-Whetham and Kate Vannelli for their technical assistance. 

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