Biologist, conservationist and project manager

Presentation post. Spain based, experience in conservation, fieldwork, researching, education and management. Happy of being here!
Biologist, conservationist and project manager

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Hello! I am Noa. I have been part of the Wildhub community for a while but I have never had the time to present myself. I am sorry! but it is being amazing reading all the stories and post shared in this community.

I decided joining Wildhub because of the community and the importance of learning from others, sharing skills and knowledge and, of course, hoping to be able to help anyone. We can achieve more things together, and it is a pleasure to learn from people of all around the world.

I am biologist, and I did my PhD about jaguars and pumas spatial behavior. I worked as a researcher for some time, as well as an environmental educator. For the last 4 yours I have being learning about project management and funding, and it is where I am right now. I have been working for different NGOs and little enterprises, combining rural revitalization with nature conservation. However, right now, I am starting to develop my own project. I am trying to help other entities looking for funds, writing and managing projects related with nature and conservation, but developing projects combining science, nature, art, culture and heritage. I am trying to see how to reach more people and convince them about the importance of conserving our nature, trying to use art, culture, science and heritage to reach this goal.

I am based in Spain, but I love to travel all around the world learning from other cultures, researchers and associations.

I hope to connect with all kind of profiles and people with different backgrounds. I think that facing any problem, included conservation, from an holistic point of view is much richer and effective. Listening other experiences and projects will open the mind. And you never know! You never know where you can find an interesting collaboration or colleague to develop the most amazing projects and ideas! From my part, it will be a pleasure to help anyone who needs. I can contribute with ideas about felids or brown bear conservation, as well as education, stakeholders, project writing and management and looking for funds.

All of us we are part of the community, and that is like nature or like an engine, every piece, species or person have our own role!

Happy of being part of this community!

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Go to the profile of Lara Reden
3 months ago

Hi Noa, thanks for introducing yourself! It's great to hear about your project educating the public on the importance of nature conservation. I'd love to hear more about this project. For example, how are you incorporating art and culture into your mission? 

Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
2 months ago

A warm welcome to WildHub, Noa! Great to officially welcome you in the community and thank you for sharing your background and interests with us. Are there any work challenges you are currently facing in your job that you could use the community's help with? 

Perhaps of interest to you could be our WildHub Community Advocate role here, which can be a great experience for networking as well as shaping and supporting the conversations in our global community - it would be great to benefit from your input. Let us know if you have any questions.