Conservation Creator: Ross Rowe

Please join me in congratulating our valued member, Ross Rowe, on becoming the first Conservation Creator with WildHub! Conservation Creators are our Core Community members who create their own lessons learned and resources based on their work experiences and share these with our members.
Conservation Creator: Ross Rowe

Ross is a problem solving and executive life coach accredited with the World Institute for Action Learning and the International Coaching Federation and has over 25 years of workplace experience in environmental science and management. He has been a community member since we opened WildHub's virtual doors in March 2020, and published his first lessons learned contribution that same month titled: "The pleasure and pain of human diversity in conservation teams". 

Since the start of this year, 2021, Ross created regular contributions, which were “golden nuggets” of information & insights on the topics of diversity within us and in others, navigating bullying and harassment, and - tying these topics together - a recent article to provide practical tips for bullying and harassment experiences that occur when our diversity is not respected

Ross has also been active as our Core Community member by organising a remarkable number of workshops as part of our WildHub Festival this year. He opened our festival on Monday the 1st November 2021 with his interactive workshop on Communicating with emotional intelligence (link to recording), continued by workshops on the topics of Responding to bullying and harassment (link to recording) on the third festival day and The meaning of work and life for conservationists (link to recording) on the fourth and last festival day. His sessions, co-facilitated by members Fahri Budiman and Ussi Abuu Mnamengi, were joined by members in Indonesia, Tanzania, Kenya, Pakistan, Singapore and the UK. Ross also acts as an informal mentor to those he joins forces with in our community, whether it’s to contribute to their lessons learned post or to organise an event for our community. 

As you can read, Ross has made a noteworthy contribution to our community’s overall goal of exchanging information to improve conservation work environments and help conservationists thrive in their wellbeing and sustainable performance so that they can help save more wildlife. Through this post, I would like to celebrate Ross’ contribution to WildHub and his achievement of becoming a WildHub Key Creator. I also took this opportunity to ask him some questions about his experience of being part of the WildHub community over the last 1,5 years. 

Thirza: “What benefits have you found from being a WildHub member?”

Ross: “My connection and awareness of conservation initiatives outside my home country is growing. I am personally encouraged that people all around the world are looking for ways to increase their individual and collective effectiveness in conservation and environmental management.”

Thirza: “What helped you to contribute content on a regular basis and therefore helped you become a WildHub Core Community Member?”

Ross: “First of all, it was making a commitment and setting a deadline to do it, and second, being asked by another member of WildHub to share some of my insights and learning, helped.”

Thirza: “Which barriers have you experienced to contributing content to WildHub on a regular basis?”

Ross: “Competing priorities is a big challenge; there are always lots of things to do. Urgent tasks often displace important tasks so I have found setting a deadline helps make an important task with no real deadline more urgent and compelling to complete. 

When I have developed content, I find feedback, reactions and comments on posts from the community really rewarding. When there is no response or reaction, it can be easy to get discouraged and think the effort is not appreciated or worthwhile.”  

Thirza: “What advice would you give to other members who would like to become a WildHub Core Community Member?”

Ross: “Keep your contributions simple. It is better to contribute a short piece than a long, complex item.”

To provide some encouragement to those of you who would like to follow Ross in his footsteps and become a WildHub Key Creator, our platform received over 400.000 page views by members and non-members since we started in March 2020. Your pieces of content may therefore be more popular than you think! 

Have you benefited from the resources and events that Ross has shared and organised for us? Add how his contributions have benefitted you in the comment section and join me in congratulating Ross by adding your message below! 

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