DEFRA grant: Madagascar

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This project is to provide a maximum of £10.2 million in grant funding which aims to reduce deforestation and forest degradation within Madagascar’s national park network by building the capacity of community and regional authorities to manage and monitor natural resources more effectively. It also seeks to transform the way in which communities use the forest, from short-term extraction to long-term conservation support, by investing in sustainable farming practices and alternative livelihoods.

The project will run for 6 years, starting in April 2021 and finishing in March 2027. A delivery partner will be selected through a competitive grant process. Applicants will be required to submit project proposals which will be evaluated against a set of criteria, explained further in the ITA document enclosed in the Bravo ITT attachments.
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Adam Barlow

Executive Director, WildTeam UK

I help run a UK charity that builds the capacity of conservationists to plan, implement, monitor, and report on their work. I also have a fair bit of experience in tiger and sea turtle conservation.
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