Grant opportunity: Fondation Segré Conservation Action Fund

Grant opportunity: Fondation Segré Conservation Action Fund

The Fondation Segré Conservation Action Fund is committed to preserving threatened species and their habitats across the globe, with a particular focus on regions such as Asia, the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, and the Middle East. Through its initiative, the Fund supports both emerging researchers and conservation projects, with four annual calls for proposals targeting different threatened species listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

In its ongoing effort, the Fund has announced new calls for proposals in February 2024, concentrating on the protection of globally threatened ungulate species. This initiative underscores the Fund's dedication to biodiversity conservation, offering two distinct grant opportunities:

Conservation Action Grants: Aimed at local and national Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), these grants support direct conservation actions to improve the status of threatened species and their habitats. With grants up to EUR 50,000 for projects lasting up to 12 months, this funding is geared towards organisations with a profound impact on local conservation efforts.

Research Support Grants: These grants are designed to aid young and early-career scientists in their research related to threatened species and ecosystem roles. Offering up to EUR 7,000 for 12 months, the grants are available to researchers enrolled in academic institutions, fostering the next generation of conservation leaders.

The Fund's recent projects showcase its wide-reaching impact, supporting a diverse array of species from the Lowland Forest Day Gecko in Mauritius to the Critically Endangered Saint Lucia racer, and innovative conservation strategies like using drones for the protection of the Mauritian Flying Fox. These projects highlight the Fund's commitment to addressing critical conservation challenges through actionable research and ground efforts.

Applicants interested in the Conservation Action Fund are encouraged to visit the Calls for Proposals web-page for active calls and detailed application guidelines. This Fund represents a significant opportunity for conservationists and researchers to make a tangible difference in the protection of our planet's most vulnerable species and their ecosystems.

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Thanks for the post, Adam! If any of your members are interested in applying for this and utilizing WatchSpotter for the data collection software platform- we can put together some special pricing. Have them reach out to me... Cheers Anne