Elephants of the Congo Basin

The EPI Foundation is a special event online on May 22nd, on the Elephants of the Congo Basin. 2pm UK. A wonderful range of speakers, and a beautiful film including rare footage from Equatorial Guinea, Central African Republic, Congo Brazzaville and Gabon.
Elephants of the Congo Basin

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May 22nd 2023,

14.00 - 15.30 hrs West Africa & UK,

15.00 - 16.30 hrs Southern Africa,

16.00 - 17.30 hrs East Africa Time.

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Go to the profile of Lara Reden
about 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing, Ruth!

Go to the profile of Patricia
about 1 year ago

I am looking forward to this!

Go to the profile of Lize Gibson-Hall
about 1 year ago

This looks great thank you for sharing!