Fisheries Specialist | Esteemed Lecturer | Sensational Strategist | Community Engagement | Mult-disciplined Researcher | Climate Change Specialist | Self-motivated Environmentalist | Honesty Award Winning Worker

I am George Kambonge; a conservationist. I have a Certificate in Fisheries Science, Degree of Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Conservation and Natural Resources Management and Degree of Master of Science in Environmental and Natural Resources Management.
Fisheries Specialist | Esteemed Lecturer | Sensational Strategist | Community Engagement | Mult-disciplined Researcher | Climate Change Specialist | Self-motivated Environmentalist | Honesty Award Winning Worker


Most honesty award winning worker in my current engagement. Relevant and rare wildlife conservationist with over 7 years experience, adept at planning and facilitating Community Based Natural Resources Management meetings, trainings and field visits. A data-driven decision maker and a seasoned natural resource personnel in a quest for new and improved outcomes through strategic planning. Hardworking lead community educator, local community capacity building abilities, team-oriented and adaptable to community changing needs. You will benefit from my excellent communication, critical thinking and coordination skills. 


  Competent in making high-quality decisions based on quantifiable information.

 I anticipate problems and choose forward-thinking solutions.

 I am thorough, deliberate and identify potential problems with solutions.

 I accept criticism and feedback and take responsibility for decisions.

 I critically evaluate information, generate solutions and use facts, logic and experience to support decisions.

 I am very good at expressing opinions and beliefs and taking control of situations.

  Ability to take charge of a group and motivate group members toward common goals.

 I am capable of monitoring others’ work and developing plans to prioritize and accomplish goals.

 I am able to build a positive team spirit and collaborate to reach goals.

 I am strong at motivating and inspiring others to attain goals, expressing opinions and exercising authority.

 I am good at building mutual trust, coaching and mentoring others.

  Ability to set goals, monitor progress and take initiative to improve work.

 I am good at understanding new procedures and learning how to get the job done right.

 I am capable of being accurate and attentive to detail, reporting and record keeping, creating plans to accomplish work and monitoring resources.


 I won the most honest worker award in my current engagement

 I completed various major fundamental management courses, webinars and conferences successfully

 I launched wheat flour and maize meal products in Lusaka region for a giant Copperbelt milling firm

 I doubled maize meal and wheat flour distribution to 90% establishing the region’s No. 1 milling firm.

 I boosted sales from K900 to K1.6, 000, 000+ in the distribution of maize meal and wheat flour products.

 I accelerated time-to-market maize meal and wheat flour products by 25% through the use of appropriate marketing strategies

 I increased orders by interacting with suppliers to create extended pricing and reduced dependence on quote-lead times.

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Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
21 days ago

A warm welcome to WildHub, George! Great to have you join us and thank you for sharing about your background. What is the top lesson learned that you could share with our professional community of conservationists on motivating and inspiring others to work towards a conservation goal? 

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Go to the profile of George Kambonge
21 days ago

The top lesson learned in the field of conservation on Lake Tanganyika is that the decline of Limnothrissa miodon (Kapenta) is attributed to indiscriminate fishing, increase in the population of fishermen, and climate change. In motivating others, I implore the introduction of fishing quotas, bag limits, fisher licensing, closed seasons, size limits, aquaculture practices, creation of freshwater reserves, and freshwater-protected areas on the lake. I further implore that research be done on the prevalence of wrong fishing gear, and illegal fishing methods.