Global Challenges Research Fund Networking Grants

the Newton Fund in Vietnam has acted as a bridge between Vietnamese and UK scientists, allowing sharing of knowledge, experience and facilities and contributing to solving socio-economic problems in Vietnam.

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 Priorities for Vietnam

The Newton Fund Vietnam have identified a number of priority areas:

Health and life sciences.
Environmental resilience and energy security.
Future cities.
Digital innovation and creativity.

Welcome anyone is interest to connect and develop joint research proposal with Vietnam partners

If you need more any information, We please introduce several Vietnam partners as your expectation

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Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
almost 4 years ago

Hi Nguyen, Thank you for sharing about this opportunity to collaborate. I have added it to our brand-new room: "Collaborate and help others". When you draft a post, you are able to select this room from the right hand menu under 'rooms' (underneath the poster image option). Selecting that room will ensure your post will be published in that room. Please find your post in the room here:

Go to the profile of Jose Esteves
almost 4 years ago

Hi Nguyen, Thank you for sharing about this opportunity and let me know how we can proceed further to foster this possible cooperation and partnership - especially in the proposed research themes of Future cities and Digital innovation and creativity. best personal regards and warm greetings from #Brazil