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Short summary of my career in conservation

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Hello everyone! My name is Victoria Lassaga and I am currently working as a Project Manager at Natura International NGO
My interest in nature and especially in animals goes back to when I was very young, I used to watch documentaries, series like The thornberrys and when I went to the countryside I used to observe snakes, frogs and birds. As a teenager I began to understand environmental issues.
Then I chose biology as a profession and that's when I became more interested in conservation itself. In 2017, it was the turning point because that was when I did a research internship in the Chaco region with mammals and camera traps that later led me to do an internship at the NGO Pacif Biodiversity Institute. At the same time I formally entered as a volunteer at the Jane Goodall Institute  in my province, a space that helped me to see environmental education as something essential in conservation.
In 2018 I started my internship at Natura International, the organization where I have been working for more than 3 years and where we have projects for the creation of protected areas in Argentina. I am still part of the volunteer group of the Jane Goodall Institute and we currently have a socio-environmental reforestation project. At the beginning of the year I was certified as a PM4R master (now called PM4R Expert) by the Inter-American Development Bank. 
I am also part of Rellac Joven since 2020 which helps me to connect with young conservationists in Latin America and the Caribbean and a month ago I was accepted to be a member of the IUCN Commission on Protected Areas.
I live in Cordoba Argentina since I was born (I'm 27 years old) and my future wishes are to do a master in conservation, maybe in Costa Rica, who knows?
Finally I have a hobby that complements my passion for nature which is photography, in my instagram I upload photos of the places I travel and the species I see for my work or in my personal travels.
Big hug from Córdoba, Argentina and if you have any questions or comments, please write me.

Maria Victoria Lassaga

Project Manager, Natura International

I´m PM4R Master certificated for BID and I work as a Project Manager at Natura International, an NGO dedicated to the creation of protected areas. I am in my last year of Biology at the National University of Cordoba and I am doing my final thesis on mammals in a reserve in my province. During my career I have done volunteer work in La Coronilla, Uruguay with sea turtles and I am currently doing a research internship in the project "Defaunacion de la mastofauna en la porción Sur del Gran Chaco Americano". I would like to specialize in conservation and ecology

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3 months ago

A warm welcome to the WildHub community, Maria! It's wonderful to have you join us!

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Hi Maria! Welcome to WildHub. If any questions come up about using the platform, I'm happy to help.