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Hi, my name is Michelle and I'm from Northern Ireland. I have a strong interest in wildlife and nature conservation. In total have studied 5 years doing an Undergraduate in Field biology with Wildlife Tourism and a Masters in Ecological Management & Biological Conservation. Last year, I graduated and got a job with the RSPB as a Field Teacher helping to raise awareness and educate school children about local wildlife and encourage them to connect with nature. Currently I work for the Ulster Museum in Belfast as a visitor guide, engaging and speaking to the general public about different Art, History or Nature exhibits and collections. Overall my goal is to further my career prospects within Wildlife Conservation and I hope this workshop will help me do that.

Michelle Duggan

Visitor Guide, Ulster Museum

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11 months ago

Hi Michelle! A field teacher with the RSPB must have been wonderful. Been a happy member for a few years now!

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11 months ago

Hi Michelle.

Good to meet a fellow comrade from NI working in Conservation. I now live in Bristol but I'm originally from Ballycastle, Co.Antrim, and spent a few years living and working in Belfast.

That's a lovely picture of Murlough but I prefer the other Murlough! 

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11 months ago

Welcome Michelle! Good to have you on this course.