Help to support two #LifeChanging projects in poor communities from Brazil

EmpreenDELAS e BrumEDUCA Projects are looking for your support and help :-)
Help to support two #LifeChanging projects in poor communities from Brazil

Up and ahoy dear #Mentors and friends! I wish to find you all very well and #healthy in these complex times!

Taking advantage of the  #engagement and #vision of this outstanding experts & Mentoring Group to seek funding and support for a couple of important projects to

(1) EmpreenDELAS: The training and capacity building of female young entrepreneurs in poor and deprived communities in 3 Brazilian states of Sao Paulo- Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais and

2) BrumEDUCA: The sustainable education of adolescents affected by the #Brumadinho Dam disaster.

Anyway: I decided to open it here in our fantastic group:  I really believe that experts in our group can add reliable support. With Pandemia, good projects were set in stand by or postponed and it took even more risks in the educational area!

It is always worth trying to leverage and expand the effort to implement when the proposal is #changinglives. I posted on #LinkedIn and will be available for more information. Stay safe.

A big and virtual hug (and warm greetings from Brazil!)

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over 3 years ago

Hi Jose, Thank you for sharing about this opportunity to help these two projects. To your post, could you please add contact details of each of these projects and how best to help them?

I have added this post to our brand-new room: "Collaborate and help others". When you draft a post, you are able to select this room from the right hand menu under 'rooms' (underneath the poster image option). Selecting that room will ensure your post will be published in that room. Please find your post in the room here: