Hey everyone, I'm Ed!

Hey everyone, I'm Ed!

Hi everyone,

My name is Ed, and I am looking to expand my skills and experience to help me find my first conservation job having recently graduated in December. Originally I was studying Veterinary Science at the University of Liverpool, but following an intercalation in Veterinary Conservation Medicine and my associated research projects on nocturnal behaviour of Asian elephants and enclosure use by two-toed sloths I discovered that my passion truly lay with conservation. As a result I left university with a BSc in Animal Science in addition to the Conservation Medicine BSc.

Since graduating I have been working in hospitality to provide some income, and completed courses including WildTeam's Strategy Development for Wildlife Conservation, an introductory course to GIS by the Surrey Wildlife Trust and have become a registered ORCA Marine Mammal Surveyor. I also spent March volunteering with the Olive Ridley Project on their sea turtle expedition in the Maldives, during which time I had amazing encounters with turtles (obviously), sharks, and eagle rays (featured above)! 

I am now participating in the WildTeam Project Management for Wildlife Conservation course (which is how I found out about WildHub) and would love to engage with professional conservationists, especially in the marine sector!


"Fun" facts about me:

I play a very uncommon sport called korfball (brownie points if you've heard of it),

I have very little self-control around chocolate


Looking forward to (virtually) meeting you!


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over 1 year ago

Welcome to WildHub Ed and many thanks for your introduction - it's a great way to get to know new members! Enjoy the WildTeam training! 

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over 1 year ago

Welcome to the community!

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over 1 year ago

Congratulations on graduating! Totally feel you Re: finding that first conservation job! The pain is real. Keep us updated on how the search goes!