Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

My name is Shannon Moore and I am joining the course as a career switcher, of sorts. I have a B.S. in Biology and an M.S. in Environmental Science, both from the US. During my Master's, I focused on the impact of invasive plants on bird populations, but grew a strong interest in education and outreach. 

I then spent the next several years working as a naturalist and outdoor educator with a few organizations, giving me insight into the differences between government, non-profit and private sector work. 

However, once my husband's job moved us to Tanzania in 2014 and then Germany in 2018, I was only able to find voluntary work in the conservation sector, so I decided to become a Primary classroom teacher. We will be moving to Vietnam in November, and while I still have a passion for education, I would like to return to the environmental field and am hoping that the SDWC course can 'refresh my memory' a bit and give me more confidence to switch careers, again!

Looking forward to meeting everyone soon,



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almost 2 years ago

Welcome Shannon! That is an exciting move and hopefully will bring with it exciting opportunities for you to switch back to the environmental sector. B