Hi everyone. I'm Matthew

Hi everyone. I'm Matthew

I suppose you could say that I’ve fallen into what I do, but also that it’s what I’ve been working towards for the past 10 years.

I did a conservation degree, got frustrated at how much time was spent managing people without getting anywhere near the wildlife I cared about, so went off to study animal behaviour. I spent 3 summers watching birds in the Australian outback, and along the way started writing. And found (rather to my surprise) that the skills I’d picked up were coming together to enable me to engage and support people to protect wildlife, through words.

So now, that’s what I do. I am a Technical Writing and Communications Specialist for WildTeam, helping to write our best-practice manuals and communicate what we do to the conservation world.

I also run, walk and ride my bike up any hill I can find, often with a pair of binoculars round my neck.


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almost 2 years ago

Hi Matthew, nice to hear that you spent time watching birds in the Australian outback (always nice to learn something new about my dear co-workers) and that you are building on your strengths in your job. I look forward to reading the new versions of the best practice manuals!