Learning and Strategy Development Consultancy

Global Greengrants Fund UK (GGF UK) seeks a consultant to carry out a strategy and learning evaluation of their grantmaking in four sub-regions of Africa under the Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA)
Learning and Strategy Development Consultancy

Open position: Learning and Strategy Development Consultancy

Job type: Consultancy job from 10 August 2020 - 30 September 2020.

No. of positions: 1

Organisation's name: Global Greengrants Fund

Location: no information given

Closure date: 5/August/2020 

About organisation:

Global Greengrants Fund is a participatory grantmaking fund, supporting grassroots environmental and social justice movements and initiatives in 168 countries through an advisory-led decision-making model. Since 1992, Global Greengrants Fund has made over 13,000 grants. Global Greengrants Fund UK is the UK sister organization, and an independent charity registered in England and Wales.

In Africa, Global Greengrants Fund operates through four sub-regional advisory boards (in Central, Eastern, Southern and West Africa), and in partnership with global environmental and human rights NGOs.

About Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action

The Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA) is a multi-actor network that is active from local to international levels, supporting local movements fighting for women’s rights and environmental justice and further amplifying local women’s struggles and solutions in more than 30 countries across Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe.  The consortium is led by the Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres, based in Nicaragua, in collaboration with Both ENDS and Mama Cash, both based in The Netherlands, and funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Global Greengrants Fund is a beneficiary of (GAGGA) as a strategic partner and environmental justice fund for the African continent. GGF applies the grant from GAGGA through its model of working through volunteer expert advisors to identify grantmaking opportunities with grassroots communities. All four Africa advisory boards and additional thematic advisors recommend groups for funding under the GAGGA award. Additionally, the advisors collaborate with women’s funds, NGOs, experts or others working on women’s rights, some of whom may also be GAGGA partners. In total, more than 20 advisors are involved in the grantmaking and would be part of the interview cohort for this consultancy.

Consultant Qualifications:

  • The preferred candidate will be from the African continent, or alternatively have a deep lived and learned experience of African civil society.
  • They will have a background in environmental and social justice, a track record of conducting similar research, and a proven ability to write in an accessible and practical style for a variety of audiences.
  • The consultant will need to be available in the specified time period, and have consistent access to internet to carry out the planned interviews and dissemination sessions.
  • Working knowledge of French is desired.


The consultant will be supervised and work closely with the Director of Regional Programs, Allison Davis. Four Coordinators across Africa will also have a special role in managing outreach and response from advisors.

 Cost Parameters

 The successful candidate should organize their proposal based on the following:

  • 25 interviews, half hour emailing/set up time each, 1-hour interview, and 4 hours write and analysis each = 5.5 hours per interviewee
  • 12 hours cross-analysis, collating and drafting report
  • 8 hours editing based on comments, final formatting, editing

Total: ~160 hours or 20 full time days.

Job Responsibilities:

 This consultancy is but one piece of a larger reflection process occurring in 2020.  This reflection process has included grantee surveys, in depth case study research, advisor meeting and reflection events, grant strategy review with external consultants, and grantee focus groups.  This piece will focus on GGF’s advisors, as a culmination of this process to document learning and how this translates towards future strategy in the next five-year phase of GAGGA.

Research Methodology and Questions

The consultant will work closely with GGF to carry out a series of remote interviews with staff, coordinators and advisors across Africa, to distill lessons learned and reflections on the first phase of GGF grantmaking under GAGGA. The interviews will be semi-structured to allow for a consistent framework yet flexible. Program staff will send a series of documents to advisors to read through in advance that summarize the reflections to date.

The interviews will be recorded, coded, qualitatively analyzed and direct quotes preserved. Findings will be organized by advisory board and shared with the Coordinator and Program Liaison of each advisory board. The boards will comment on the draft, and the consultant will finalize a single report. Post-consultancy, each advisory board will react to the interview findings, and the Coordinators will prepare a final strategy proposal guiding the next five years of work under GAGGA.

The consultant will develop the interview questions together with GGF, but they will be broadly along the following lines:

  • How has GAGGA funding fit into the strategy of the advisory boards? How has this differed (or not) from other grantmaking, given the availability of multi-year funding? Has it changed or altered pre-existing approaches to funding women’s rights in environmental justice?
  • Have advisors followed or found useful their advisory board strategy document with respect to GAGGA and women rights/environmental justice?
  • What have been the major challenges of grantmaking under GAGGA?
  • Looking ahead to the next phase of GAGGA, how should the advisory board approach the next five-year cycle of grantmaking? What are the opportunities and challenges advisors foresee in their country for grassroots empowerment with respect to women’s rights and environmental justice between 2021-2025, and how should advisory boards respond to them?


  1. A 10-15 page report based on interviews with coordinators, advisors and staff, distilling key learnings and including an executive summary and key recommendations.
  2. A 2-page summary document which will be shared with the GAGGA partners. (Individual advisory board strategies will be incorporated into annual proposals to GAGGA funders)


 The time period for this consultancy is 10 August 2020-30 September 2020.

Deliverable/Milestone Timeline
Finalised methodology and questionnaire. Approval will trigger first payment. 15 August
Carry out interviews 15 August- 3 September
First draft of report shared with advisory boards (region by region) 15 September
Final comments back on report 22 September
Final report 30 September

Compensation: no information provided

To apply: 

Response to the Terms of Reference If you are interested in responding to this opportunity, please send a CV and a one-page expression of interest to Allison Davis, allison@greengrants.org by latest 5 August 2020.

If you would like to discuss this opportunity further, please contact Allison Davis at above email.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

Global Greengrants Fund UK is an equal opportunities employer. We strongly encourage applicants from all backgrounds and walks of life. We believe that diversity and inclusion in our team and in the consultants we work with is critical to our success. We seek to recruit, develop, retain and work with the most talented people from a diverse candidate pool and welcome applications from all qualified candidates. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, colour, religion, ethnicity, physical ability, sexual orientation or gender identity.