Online Event 25 August - Colonial Conservation and Uneven Development: the Struggle for Radical Transformation and Alternatives

This Wednesday 25 August I'm in conversation with Milka Chepkorir, Kendi Borona, Ashish Kothari and Suzanne Dhaliwal on re-imagination and radical alternatives to current global conservation models, aka colonialism 2.0. We'll talk creativity, education, economics. Please come and join us!
Online Event 25 August - Colonial Conservation and Uneven Development: the Struggle for Radical Transformation and Alternatives
25 August 2021
13:00 UK/15:00 Kenya/17.30 India
Colonial conservation and uneven development: The struggle for radical transformation and alternatives

Join Kendi Borona, Milka Chepkorir, Suzanne Dhaliwal and Ashish Kothari in conversation as they share their first-hand experiences of the ways Indigenous Knowledge and community-led education can revitalise our human connection to land and build resilient, thriving societies.

We will explore economic development and political governance in the context of indigenous land rights, whilst challenging the notion of ‘development’. What tangible examples offer robust antidotes to neocolonial conservation, extractivist models and so-called nature-based solutions? What are the radical alternatives and what radical imaginings can we invite to sustain our earth? How can we use creative strategies through art and activism to amplify these messages? We will consider the practices and rituals - both old and new - on an individual and community level that can revitalise our connection to land, spirit and community.

Milka says, “Let the change start from the communities to reignite their relationship to these lands, resources, water. If we have the success from one, then we can work towards a prosperous conservation paradigm.”

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Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
5 months ago

Many thanks Samirah for organising this interesting event and for sharing it with the WildHub community. I have added the date in the title and added your post to our Highlights content slide on our homepage to draw attention to it - hope this helps and that it will be a great success! PS I also really liked your sliding fee scale. Would you be willing to write a blog on this sometime to share how you came to this/developed this sliding scale to promote economic justice? I think such a lessons learned blog would be really valued by our members. 

Go to the profile of Beth Robinson
5 months ago

Hello, this sounds like an interesting and important conversation, I am sad to have missed it as have been on holiday. Are you sharing a recording in anyway? Many thanks, Beth

Go to the profile of Lucy Tallents
5 months ago

I would also love to know if you'll be sharing a recording.  Thanks, Lucy