Pleased to meet you, from Ecuador!

I believe that everyone from all sectors of society deserves a chance to understand Nature and celebrate its complexity and beauty, and their place within it. For this reason, I dedicate my conservation path to education, awareness and capacity-building.
Pleased to meet you, from Ecuador!

Hello all and thank you for accepting me into this community!

Of British and French origin, I am currently based in Ecuador after having lived and worked as a conservationist in several Latin American countries over the past 30 years. 

My approach to conservation is multidisciplinary and very much bottom-up, in that I learned (and continue to learn) through practice (though a Masters degree I gained in 2003 certainly helped!). My experience base is in wildlife field research, project management, environmental education, M&E and social research, capacity building and social marketing for behavior change at community level.

Fun fact: I also happen to be a cartoonist, and I now spend most of my time creating educational graphic novels about Nature, with particular focus on climate change and action. My aim is to help bring climate literacy to kids and their parents in all sectors of society through fun, action-packed comic books! I do this by weaving a fictional storyline with careful research. You can find out more about my books here. I would love to connect with anyone working on environmental education and particularly climate education, and also anything related to communication and information. 


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12 months ago

A warm welcome to the community, Alan! It's great to have you join us. Thank you for sharing about your conservation career and the link to your website - I loved seeing your cartoons and reading about your Captain Polo books, amazing work! 

Feel free to share your lessons learned with our community at any point; your areas of expertise (e.g. capacity building, M&E, training and behaviour change) are all topics our members are interested in learning more about. For more information, please find our Contributor guidelines here. Best wishes from the UK, Thirza

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12 months ago

Thanks very much Thirza! I would love to learn from the community and share any expertise I can, so count me in!