Alan J. Hesse

Freelance Conservationist, environmental educator and author-illustrator, AJH Education Comics & Cartoons

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My conservation career started in 1992 when I helped set up and joined a University expedition to the Bolivian Amazon. What started out as a 3-month experience ended up being a life-changing inflection point that set my professional and personal course to the present day. My conservation experience was built bottom-up and hands-on, and includes field data collection and logistics, grassroots organization leadership and project management, community engagement and capacity building, M&E, training and behavior change, and lately climate education through authorship of graphic novels and other resources. 

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Behaviour change campaigns Communication and marketing Education & training Land/Water Management Monitoring and evaluation Other Project/programme management Research Species Management

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Jan 11, 2023

A bit late perhaps but congratulations @Flavia Martinelli on being a WH Connector! 

Jan 11, 2023

Thanks for sharing this resource @Flavia Martinelli. I had come across it before and I believe it is a rare example of fact-based storytelling that truly reflects Global South perspectives. I too create graphic novels about climate change and in fact I'm working on my 5th one right now, which is 100% focused on Brazil. If interested I'd love to run it past you at some point!  

Dec 14, 2022
Replying to Lize Gibson-Hall

Note: Due to the UK leaving British Summer Time please double check your time zone is accurate. I have checked on the internet but just to be sure!

5pm GMT Margate/London/Wiltshire, UK @Jack Cole @Douglas Houston                 @Emily Rampling @Camille Burton Belfast, UK  ,  

6pm Abuja, Nigeria  and  Yaoundé, Cameroon   and   Madrid, Spain    Germany  Sweden  @Malin Johansson France @Natalia Rożniewska 

7pm Lusaka, Zambia  ,  Gaborone, Botswana  Harare, Zimbabwe  South Africa   Lusaka, Zambia  ,  

8pm Mji Mkongwe, Zanzibar  Dar es Salaam  and  Nairobi, Kenya   and  and  

10PM Pakistan @Ufaq Manzar 

10:30PM New Delhi, India  ,  , and  

9AM Santa Cruz, USA  

11AM Costa Rica,  

12PM Quito, Ecuador   Belmopan, Belize  Washington D. C., USA  

2PM Brasilia, Brazil  OH, USA  Nova Scotia, Canada  

Thank you Lize for going the extra mile calculating the time zones! Very good practice. See you all there. 

Nov 14, 2022

Hi @Mitchell Rae pleased to meet you and congratulations for this event! Unfortunately for some reason it slipped under my radar but I'd love to know how it went. I too dedicate my efforts to communicating about climate and nature in ways that are engaging, effective and positive. Hopefully we can meet at one of the WH Socials some time to chat further. 

Oct 26, 2022

Thanks for posting Lize and to both you and Lara for setting this up! Looking forward to the next Art Social! 

Oct 19, 2022

Thanks for this fantastic learning opportunity, @Giuseppe Forestieri - I'll be there! 

Oct 05, 2022

Thanks for setting this up Lize, I look forward to helping you welcome all contributors and visitors to this social! Might it be an idea to share the event on social media to invite non-members to also attend? If this is only for WH members that's fine. 

Sep 19, 2022

Welcome to the WildHub community Emily! You'll find that this is a great place to network. Looking forward to meeting you at one of the next socials!