6 Individual actions for climate and sustainability

Authors & Educators on a Mission discuss the top individual climate actions that everyone can consider taking.

'...but, what can I do?"

This is a common question we all hear, and many of us will have asked it ourselves at some point when facing the overwhelming magnitude of the global ecological and climate crisis. 

Members of the group Authors & Educators on a Mission @Neil Kitching @Kevin Albin Alan J. Hesse and @Gloria Barnett explore the practicalities and challenges of individual action to mitigate climate change, drawing upon their own writing and life choices. 

Extract from the WildHub Festival 2021 event 'A fire-side chat with Authors & Educators on a Mission', hosted by @Lucy Tallents and @Thirza Loffeld


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8 months ago

I know I am commenting on a video that I appear in, but it's very pleasing to see our message getting out there - thank you Wildhub.

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7 months ago

Thank you, Kevin, and colleagues, for your contributions. I really enjoy watching these 'nuggets' of valuable information!