WildHub is great for networking!

The WildHub platform can help us all network and make meaningful professional connections. Here are some of the ways you can do that.
WildHub is great for networking!

I've met loads of fascinating people on WildHub, from all over the world. Unlike most social media platforms, WildHub has a common theme: we're all conservationists and environmentalists in one way or another. This is a community of public and private sector professionals, freelancers and independents, artists, journalists, writers...

So, how do you use WildHUb to make connections? 

  • Check out the Members Directory, where you can sort and filter names by areas of interest. This is a great place to short-list members you'd like to get in touch with based on a common interest, or if you are looking for any name in particular. I recently delivered some training workshops for example, and I found 3 of my students right there in the Member Directory. You can follow and message them from the directory page, too. 
  • WildHub Socials. With your shaken and not stirred e-Martini in hand, mingle with the crowd in this virtual reality cocktail-style online space open to all members. WH socials occur on a periodic basis - click on the "watch" button on the  Our Community channel and receive the invitation in your email inbox . Alternatively, you can go the Events page to find the announcements for socials. 
  • Check out the Network Opportunities channel for a wealth of internal events and external links. 
  • The WildHub Rooms channel opens the door to a bunch of special places called Rooms where particular subjects are discussed. Some Rooms are private to group members only, but not all. 
  • Lastly, a great way to build connections is to post and comment on other members' content. This level of engagement often leads to meaningful connections and even professional opportunities.

I'm sure this list is not exhaustive, so if you have any other suggestions, leave them in the comments! 




Go to the profile of Ussi Abuu Mnamengi
14 days ago

Great article! Thank you for offering your valuable advice. 

Go to the profile of Alan J. Hesse
13 days ago

Thanks Ussi!

Go to the profile of Lara Reden
13 days ago

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the possibilities WildHub can help with and your experiences with the community, @Alan J. Hesse!  It's inspiring to see.

Go to the profile of Alan J. Hesse
13 days ago

Thanks Lara, and thank you @Lize Gibson-Hall for prompting me! 

Go to the profile of Lize Gibson-Hall
12 days ago

Thank you so much @Alan J. Hesse for sharing this we are so delighted that you have found this community helpful! I really hope this inspires everyone reading this :) Feel free to add a banner photo to this post if you would like so that, hopefully, this will reach a lot of members!

Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
12 days ago

Love this post! Thank you Alan for sharing our lessons learned on how to best benefit from your WildHub membership! I have also found that even a simple "thank you for your contribution" can be a valuable comment to another member's post and make their day.

Your post made me smile, especially when you referred to our WildHub Socials being "cocktail-style" and I will definitely take you up on that e-martini ;) 

Thank you @Alan J. Hesse for posting this list of steps that people can take to connect on a professional level!