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I am a problem solving and executive life coach accredited with the World Institute for Action Learning and the International Coach Federation. I have over 25 years of workplace experience in environmental science and management. I coach for the beauty of life, wonder of diversity and rewards of exploring.

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Jan 31, 2024

Hi Uche,

I am based in Canberra, Australia. I have a lot of experience with people working in the Australian Public Service, but there are normally eligibility requirements that may need to be met for non-citizens. I have sent you a linkedin request. 

All the best with your move and job search.


Jul 01, 2023
Replying to Lara Reden

It's an interesting area to explore. I still haven't used ChatGPT for anything, so I don't have much other than assumptions to add to the topic. Like any tool, I think it could be useful, but I don't want my creativity or ethics to get muddled. Checking sources and making sure things aren't plagiarized would remain imperative to the creation process. I worry that ChatGPT might speed the process in which misinformation gets spread otherwise. However, it does sometimes look fun to play with. 

thanks for your contribution Lara.

intellectual property and creativity are challenging issues. from my research (chatGPT Q&A) content from one chat is not used to inform a separate chat. still much to learn for me. 

Ethics, plagiarism and referencing are good points to keep in mind too.

Jun 29, 2023

Great to read Noe insights through your interview Ussi. I love the analogy that conservation is like running a marathon, we sometime need to pace ourselves rather than try to sprint the whole race. 

Jun 29, 2023

An engaging article Frank. Thanks Cristina for sharing your insights. I find for many people learning to reframe or translate existing skills and expertise to new content to be one of the biggest challenges with career transition.  

Jun 07, 2023
Replying to Grace Alawa

@Ross Rowe @Thirza Loffeld @Adam Barlow thank you for this opportunity.

After undergoing the Probono team capacity building sessions with Ross, I'm excited to say it was a huge success. 

Supporting a coastal community to adopt sustainable behavioral changes in their lifestyles so as to protect and conserve their mangroves posed a challenge to our team. Applying the Action learning approach revealed deep-seated communication gaps within the team; it allowed for self-reflection and retrospection on the spot and brought to surface expectations of team members working together.

For a sustained community ownership of a project, team members from the community were chosen to lead the project, all relevant stakeholders were consulted and engaged. As a team, we learnt to listen to each other, be more open and direct in our communication. Our leadership and questioning skills were greatly improved as well as self-confidence in expressing ourselves.

The ability to think on the spot instead of being spoon-fed was helpful for the team and gave their self-esteem a boost. Having an open mind and being comfortable to express themselves helped in providing creative ways of dealing with each other and the community.

It has been a pleasure working with you Grace and the SAN team. Its a privilege to work with organisations like SAN on such worthwhile projects like mangrove restoration in a way that enhances the on-ground outcomes as well as builds the capabilities of the team for future projects.  

Mar 17, 2023

Hi Estrela, what a wonderful looking place to live and work! I love your mission to change the world one island at a time - that's awesome!

Feb 14, 2023

Frank and Tony - thanks for sharing these reflections, insights and learnings. Its great to read of the progress not just in technology but collaboration, partnership and resource sharing. I enjoyed reading this article. I am thinking not just about the benefits to prevent animal poaching but also plant poaching in protected areas. Thanks again.

Nov 17, 2022

So good to hear this progress for our conservation catalysts. Keep stepping up!