Strategy development: Climate change example

Strategy development: Climate change example

This post is in response to a member post by Molly Maloy who asked:

Hello Community! I am looking to see if anyone could share a version of a conceptual model that includes climate change as a threat and how they have approach behavior results and work packages relating. Thank you from Denver, Colorado!

In answer to this: Many years ago we made a very large, complicated strategy for the Sundarbans that included climate change threats. I cannot open that original strategy because of the software it was made in not working properly - so instead I have tried to recreate the essense of the situation analysis diagram that included climate change threats.

As you can see, as with most of these climate change examples, you will have a direct/real linkage between the threat and the biodiversity target, but then the behaviours driving that threat rapidly get very grand in scale and general in description. We chose not to address the climate change threats through our work (or document them in our theory of change), even though they were high ranking threats because:

a) the work would have to be carried out on a global scale rather than the landscape/national scale we had the capacity to work in

b) while the predictions for climate change were dire - particulalry with resect to sea level rise, we felt that it was worth tackling other threats that would help sustain the mangroves (and its tigers) for as long as possible.

Hope that was helpful.