Chloe Hatton

Officer 2, People and Places team SE, Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru/Natural Resources Wales

About Chloe Hatton

- Currently working on the SE Area Statement for NRW - Marine biology graduate (first class degree, University of Exeter, 2016-19) - Expertise in stakeholder engagement and facilitation skills (previous role at Dialogue Matters Ltd.) - Qualified in Strategy Development for Wildlife Conservation (WildTeam course, 2020)

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Comment on Hi, Chloe here!
May 21, 2020
Replying to Holly Torres

Hi Chloe, great to meet you! Thank you for sharing about Dialogue Matters, it seems like a fantastic initiative to stimulate community stakeholder participation. In my experience, local stakeholders are so keen to learn and collaborate to improve their efforts. I would love to hear more about your team's workshops and experiences! 

All the best :)

Hi Holly,

Sorry for the slow reply - I'm still finding my way around WildHub! I'll be sure to post some of our learning to the Capacity Building/Professional Development channels (as Thirza suggested), but please feel free to explore what we do on our website:
E.g. this is our award-winning case example:

...Or drop me an email any time! All the best :) 

Comment on Hi, Chloe here!
May 21, 2020
Replying to Thirza Loffeld

Thanks Chloe for sharing about your work; stakeholder engagement processes are a vital element in conservation and it's great to read that you and the team at Dialogue Matters are building people's capacity in this. If you would like to share some lessons learned/reflections with us some time, this may fit in nicely under our capacity building and/or professional development channel. See your contributor guidelines here:

Have a great day!

Hi Thirza - thank you! I will definitely add some of our thoughts to the channel. All the best :)