Justin Birkhoff

Development Manager - Conservation Specialist, Cheetah Conservation Fund
Justin Gbénou DIDOLANVI

Volunteer/Research Assistant&Project Manager, BEDD NGO

 I am an Ecologist by training. My research interests have focused on : Relations between protected areas and local communities; Wildlife conservation; Community Building; Environmental governance ; Conflict management ; Climate change.
Emily Gilford

Data & Information Officer, The Mammal Society

MSc Ecology and BSc Zoology Graduate from the University of Exeter. Special interest in wild animal behaviour, the use of AI in recognition, and wildlife education and science communication. Starting a PhD in animal stress in September.  Head of Editorial at Viridis Magazine. 
Cheryl Brown

Program, Project Manager, Nonprofit

I have 10 years of experience in animal welfare and conservation ranging from project management, work plans, and managing implementation partners to fundraising, strategic partnerships and communications.  I'm also a registered veterinary nurse with knowledge and experience in zoonotic disease/one health. I've done work in Zambia, Africa as well as on many elephant conservation campaigns.  My special interests are community conservation, counter wildlife trafficking, poaching , human-wildlife conflict, wildlife protection and behavior change. 

Endangered Species monitor, Wildlife ACT

I am currently employed as a endangered species monitor in Zulu land, South Africa. I have had a variety of different field based jobs prior to this, after completing a BSc in Zoology. I want to gain skills and knowledge that will equip me to manage future projects. I love being in the field, as demanding as it can be. I focus mostly on carnivore conservation and am quite privileged to be situated on one of the oldest proclaimed reserves in Africa. My day to day routine consists of tracking and monitoring African wild dog packs, one of my favourite animals. I get to work and collaborate with other organisations that are all focused on saving endangered species. I enjoy photographing the wildlife I get to encounter as well as learning from others. I love the African bush life.