Justin Birkhoff

Development Manager - Conservation Specialist, Cheetah Conservation Fund
Amy Clanin

Founder + Learning Experience Designer, Design Pathways

Oliver Dauert

Founder, Wildya

Here are the 3 things I am all about: 1. Nature From day one my favorite place to be and my north star in every life decision I make. I want to protect and rewild as much nature as I possibly can. In order to do so I created 2 businesses: Wildya - my attempt to give personal development a wild update Wild Business Mates - my consulting service to empower wild change makers 2. Personal Development I am life long learner and believe that we can live happier if we take matters into our own hands. Daily tiny actions accumulate. So with Wildya, I can support you to take action and change your life. 3. Ecopreneurship The world needs to change. The most successful companies & NGOs of tomorrow generate positive impact at scale. If you attempting to do this, let me help you. I am building Wildya transparently, to provide a clear blueprint on how to take an idea from 0 to a sustainable business / NGO. Creating a community of wild change-makers, as well as consulting them along the way.
Nick Askew

Director, Conservation Careers

Kristi Foster

Head of Engagement, Conservation Careers

Alan J. Hesse

Freelance Conservationist, author-illustrator, environmental and climate education entrepreneur, Captain Polo Academy

My conservation career started in 1992 when I helped set up and joined a University expedition to the Bolivian Amazon. What started out as a 3-month experience ended up being a life-changing inflection point that set my professional and personal course to the present day. My conservation experience was built bottom-up and hands-on, and includes field data collection and logistics, grassroots organization leadership and project management, community engagement and capacity building, M&E, training and behavior change, and lately climate education through authorship of graphic novels and other resources. 

Endangered Species monitor, Wildlife ACT

I am currently employed as a endangered species monitor in Zulu land, South Africa. I have had a variety of different field based jobs prior to this, after completing a BSc in Zoology. I want to gain skills and knowledge that will equip me to manage future projects. I love being in the field, as demanding as it can be. I focus mostly on carnivore conservation and am quite privileged to be situated on one of the oldest proclaimed reserves in Africa. My day to day routine consists of tracking and monitoring African wild dog packs, one of my favourite animals. I get to work and collaborate with other organisations that are all focused on saving endangered species. I enjoy photographing the wildlife I get to encounter as well as learning from others. I love the African bush life. 
Frank van der Most

Founder and Research engineer, Rubber Boots Data

Data, databases and apps ( Claris FileMaker ) for nature conservation and sustainability research. Funding expertise as a bonus
Molly Maloy

Conservation Leadership Manager, Denver Zoo

Adam Barlow

Executive Director, WildTeam UK

I help run a UK charity that builds the capacity of conservationists to plan, implement, monitor, and report on their work. I also have a fair bit of experience in tiger and sea turtle conservation.
Natalie Rhoades

Program Delivery Facilitator, SMUD Museum of Science and Curiosity

I studied Marine Biology in San Diego, California and Wildlife Biology & Conservation in Edinburgh, Scotland. I volunteered, interned, and worked in various capacities at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Hopkins Marine Station, and on a small whale-watching outfit prior to my MSc, and I now work as a Program Delivery Facilitator at the SMUD Museum of Science and Curiosity in Sacramento, California. My passions lie in informal science education, outreach, and public engagement in the sciences. 
Tori Jeffers

Conservation Leadership Coach, Conservation Coaching

Working in conservation was always my dream job! It took me a while to get there but fast forward some years and I was leading conservation programmes and teams around the world. During my time in that role I realised that I was both at risk of burnout and had become a little disconnected from the day-to-day conservation impact that I was passionate about. However, I loved developing, supporting and coaching the teams I managed and decided to re-train as a coach so that I could spend more time focusing on supporting others to excel in their role and remain passionate and effective within the conservation sector. I joined WildHub to stay up-to-date with the conservation world, share my experiences and support conservation professionals however I can.
Stella Diamant

Project Leader, Madagascar Whale Shark Project

Jennifer Palmer

Founder, Women for Wildlife

Jennifer Palmer is an impassioned environmental entrepreneur, wildlife biologist, global educator, public speaker, and intrepid lover of nature. She explores the world to find creative solutions to our most pressing conservation conundrums and aims to create a paradigm shift in how we connect to nature and co-exist in harmony. Her work has led her to become a trusted advisor to nonprofits, governments, academic institutions, foundations, film producers and business leaders around the world. As founder of Women for Wildlife, she has inspired an international movement to conserve wildlife, unite women and empower communities. Jennifer's career reflects a unique blend of international travel and wildlife conservation/research in over 45 countries, including regions such as SE Asia, the South Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, and North America. Through her heartfelt connection to nature, she brings people together with compassion to make a difference in their world.
Louisa Richmond-Coggan

Consultant, LRC Wildlife Conservation

I'm a consultant collaborating with Unearthodox as an External Innovator, where I'm dedicated to mapping innovative Web 3.0 technology solutions and opportunities for conservation organisations in order to maximise our impact. As well as developing tools to support knowledge sharing, integration, and implementation of specific Web 3.0 technologies into conservation organisations and their projects. Are you working in or with Web 3.0 technologies such as blockchain, tokens, NFTs, VR, AR, DAOs, IoT, and the metaverse, developing new ideas and projects? Or are you just curious about this technology? If so, please reach out and get in touch, as it would be great to connect and discuss your thoughts and experiences! Background I am a Sustainable Conservation Practitioner and Capacity Builder with over twenty years of progressive experience working as a Field Researcher, Ecology Manager, Independent Conservation Science Consultant, and Academic Dean of the School of Wildlife Conservation at the African Leadership University. I have a Master in Conservation Biology from the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology, University of Kent, and a Ph.D. from Nottingham Trent University which researched the variations in brown hyaena density and distribution across South Africa. My career has taken me from fundamental field-based ecology and conservation management, project design, and implementation to training and developing the next generation of ethical entrepreneurial mission-driven conservation leaders for the future of the African continent. This focused on the ‘Business of Conservation’ to ensure that conservation becomes an opportunity for economic and social development, where natural capital is sustained or grown even for the betterment of our communities. I have conducted large carnivore and human-wildlife conflict research in national parks, conservancies, and private farmland across Eastern and Southern Africa. I have worked for international NGOs based in the UK and regional NGOs in Africa. I undertook the National Leopard Census Project which took a multi-disciplinary approach to understand the pressures on, and status of, the leopard population across Namibia.