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Design Research | Behaviour Change | Service Design, Independent consultant (https://designfollowsinsight.com/)

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Hello, I'm Yanna, a design consultant helping social and environmental impact organizations to design innovative solutions that address complex challenges. My approach combines human-centered design and behavior change strategies. I believe that understanding the drivers and barriers of human behavior in relation to environmental challenges is essential in order to design sustainable and transformative community programs that achieve conservation goals. I facilitate a design process with my clients to create tools, services and programs that drive systemic change, exploring solutions beyond campaigns and educational approaches.

I am really passionate about protecting nature and wildlife. Although my design experience stems mostly from healthcare, humanitarian aid, agriculture and climate change resilience programs (see https://designfollowsinsight.com/projects/), I have also worked on developing a biodiversity monitoring and reporting innovation strategy. My goal is to apply design research methodologies and innovation in the service of wildlife and nature.

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May 15, 2024
Replying to Lara Reden

Welcome to WildHub, Yanna! Your design project sounds fascinating. Have you checked out the Diversity, equity, inclusion channel? It might be a way to find members discussing human behavior challenges.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction Lara! I will check out the channel and try to post an invite for a conversation on human behaviour challenges and community engagement. 


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