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Hello! I'm Katie and I'm a WildLearning Specialist with WildTeam. I help to deliver a number of workshops with WildTeam, including the Project Management for Wildlife Conservation course. I love meeting course participants from all over the world, and learning about the amazing projects that they are working on or would like to in the future.  I am also working as a postdoctoral researcher at Bournemouth University, as a continuation of my PhD project which focussed on African elephant conservation. I've been lucky enough to travel to lots of places for my work and engage with a range of stakeholders. I also love science communication which has lead me to meet and work with lots of amazing people through public engagement, outreach events and social media.   Connect with me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katie-thompson-8664128b/ and Instagram: @drkatet

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Jan 09, 2023

Huge congratulations @David Kabambo Kabambo! It's so interesting to see your WildHub posts, and the innovative ways on communicating important messages for conservation. Fantastic work! 

Nov 30, 2022

Asante sana @David Kabambo Kabambo 

This is so inspirational to see! I initiated a research project that looked at children's perceptions of wildlife conservation next to protected areas and areas without any wildlife in Kenya and South Africa. It's so inspiring to hear that ex-poachers are seeing the benefit of protecting wildlife and the value of it - a message we need children to hear across the world 

Oct 26, 2022

Thanks for posting Lize, it was a great event. I look forward to the next one! 

@Rocio Bardales Chio, this is the event I mentioned if this would be something you're interested in participating in 🙂

Oct 20, 2022

Thanks for setting this up Lize, and thank you everyone for a great event. I feel inspired to create more artwork :) 


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