Kate (She/Her)

WildLearning Specialist , WildTeam
Edy Hendras Wahyono

Educator and Trainer for conservation, Orangutan Foundation International

I'm Edy Hendras, a long-standing in the world of conservation education for schools and communities, also often doing training as well as a book writer. The books I write are generally about conservation education, and I also write books, more than 30 books I've ever written, and also books about the Indonesian Primate Guide, which we wrote in 2004 with Prof. Jatna Supriatna. Now I work at the Orangutan Foundation International, in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Dauson Angelo Msumange

Director, Tanzania Eco-Tech And Conservation Hub (TEACH)

Dauson is a social entrepreneur,  Founder and Director of Tanzania Eco-Tech And Conservation Hub (TEACH). He has experience of working in Conservation projects and integration of Nature-Based Solutions (NbS) in development programs.
Nervours Daka


 Hello there I am a Donor relations specialist and grant writer learner eager to learn more about conservation organizations and the grant writing process that supports writing winning project proposals for conservation projects and non-conservation projects in Africa, particularly Zambia with a focus on biodiversity conservation, wildlife conservation health and community development projects
Cynthia Dewi

Freelance Ecologist (Botanist), Universitas Indonesia

Experienced Scientific Staff with a demonstrated history of working in the environmental services industry. Skilled in Facilitation, Environmental Services, Plant Tissue Culture and Botany. Strong research professional with a Bachelor of Science - B.Sc. focused in Botany/Plant Biology from University of Indonesia.
Erick Lukonde Bwalya

Wildlife Police Officer (Field Ranger)/Research Assistant , Department of National Parks and Wildlife

My name is Erick, and I am a wildlife ranger from Zambia. I am currently in my fourth year of studies, pursuing a Bachelor of Science with a focus on wildlife conservation and natural resources management. Through hands-on experience, I have gained skills in wildlife conservation, including wildlife radio-telemetry tracking, data collection and analysis using GPS and QGIS, and graphic design for impactful communication. Furthermore, I am an active member of the recently established CITES Global Youth Network (CGYN), where I collaborate with like-minded individuals to address global wildlife trade issues. Additionally, I have gained considerable experience in analysing data related to wildlife law enforcement operations. I have developed an expertise in using advanced SMART-field data management techniques to enhance wildlife protection efforts. I am driven by a commitment to preserving our natural heritage and seeking new challenges in conservation.
Mary Malasa

Species Conservation Officer , BirdWatch Zambia

Mary is   passionate about experiencing and working in wild spaces. She is a practicing researcher , experienced in project management and with her  current career being species focused. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management from the Copperbelt University. In 2018, Mary embarked on a rewarding journey as an ecologist intern with BirdWatch Zambia. Since joining the organization, She has participated in species and biodiversity surveys, monitored habitats, engaged with young learners, and established nature clubs in schools among various other activities. Currently, Mary is honored to serve as a Species Conservation Officer and lead the Vulture Conservation Program at BirdWatch Zambia. Within this role, Mary oversees a multitude of responsibilities, including coordinating research efforts, facilitating capacity building initiatives, and managing partner relations. Additionally, she skillfully blends project activities with community engagement and outreach to ensure that local communities become parts of the conservation solutions we strive for. Mary's expertise also extends to wildlife poisoning response, both in practice and as a trainer. She possess a keen interest in areas such as tourism, law enforcement, and wildlife crime prevention.
Daniella Lamare

Research Assistant, Conservation Initiatives

Levi Chabuka

Climate Activist, Resilient-Gen

I am a Malawian,  a graduate from the University of Malawi, a passionate young climate activist, a founder and executive director of  a nascent environmental leadership organization, Resilient-Gen. I have  profound experience in community mobilization, community engagement not to mention resource mobilization. I love all things green!!
Sikela Namangolwa

Environmental Education Officer, Wildlife & Environmental Conservation Society of Zambia

Nasir Uddin, PhD

Counter Wildlife Trafficking Program Coordinator , International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program, U.S. Department of Justice

I am a trailblazer in the fight against wildlife crime and the promotion of conservation efforts across Bangladesh and Asia. With a proven track record of over a decade, my expertise lies in wildlife trafficking prevention, human-wildlife conflict mitigation, and zoonotic disease control. In my current role as Program Coordinator for Counter Wildlife Trafficking at ICITAP, contracted under the U.S. Department of Justice, I lead initiatives to fortify Bangladesh's law enforcement agencies against wildlife crime. I orchestrate multi-agency collaborations, conduct training sessions, and craft strategic policies, significantly enhancing the nation's capacity to combat the illegal wildlife trade. Previously, as a Research Investigator at icddr, b, I drove impactful research endeavors in public health, particularly focusing on zoonotic diseases. I am adept at project management and ensure seamless coordination of research activities, resulting in actionable insights that inform national policy frameworks for disease prevention and control. My academic prowess, including a Ph.D. in Ecology from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a DVM from Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, underscores my multidisciplinary approach to conservation challenges. My doctoral thesis on understanding wildlife trade dynamics in Bangladesh has garnered international acclaim for shedding light on critical conservation issues. Beyond academia and professional endeavors, my contributions extend to numerous publications in prestigious journals, reflecting my commitment to knowledge dissemination and evidence-based conservation practices. My active involvement in organizations like the Bangladesh Veterinary Council, the IUCN Asian Elephant Specialist Group, and Rangers Federation Asia further amplifies my impact on wildlife conservation efforts. My remarkable achievements and unwavering dedication epitomize my status as a visionary leader in wildlife conservation and public health advocacy, paving the way for a sustainable future where humans and wildlife thrive harmoniously. I am open to collaborating and learning in mutually beneficial ways.
Josephat Mungoche

PhD Candidate, University of Nairobi

Opeyemi Blessing Oyawale

Advocate for SDG 4 and SDG 15, University of Ibadan

I am Opeyemi Blessing OYAWALE, a first-class wildlife and ecotourism management graduate from the prestigious University of Ibadan, Nigeria, fueled by a deep passion for wildlife research and conservation consultancy. My academic journey has been a quest to understand and contribute to the delicate balance between humanity and the natural world. With a firm foundation in wildlife and ecotourism management, I am on a dedicated path towards becoming a wildlife researcher and consultant. Motivated by my curiosity to explore the complex lives of wildlife, I want to establish a name for myself as a researcher and provide accurate evaluation for conservation initiatives. In addition, my goal is to provide sustainable practice consultations that help close the gap between human activity and the health of the various ecosystems on our planet. I'm continually looking for scholarship opportunities to further my education overseas as part of my quest for excellence. By doing this, I hope to improve my perspectives on the world, my knowledge, and my abilities, positioning myself to have a bigger influence in the field of wildlife research and conservation. My vision includes promoting responsible wildlife management, becoming a catalyst for positive change, and encouraging peaceful cohabitation between people and the natural world. I'm eager to connect with fellow researchers, conservationists, and professionals in related fields. Whether you share a similar passion or have insights to offer, I welcome the opportunity to build meaningful connections and explore collaborations that contribute to the betterment of our environment. I would love to connect with you if you share my enthusiasm for wildlife research and conservation consulting, and if you have any insider knowledge regarding scholarship chances. Please get in touch, and together we can set out on a mission to change the world we live in for the better. Thank you for stopping by, and I look forward to connecting with you and like-minded individuals who share a commitment to wildlife preservation
Thiombiano Palamanga Parfait

PhD student, University Joseph KI-ZERBO

I'm PhD student working on bats.I'm passionate for animals conservation.
Asim Ejaz

MEAL Assistant , Pak Mission Society

Rachel Ndabala

Project Manager, Weforest

I (Rachel Ndabala) has 6 years working experience in Sustainable Forestry, Fisheries, Wildlife Management and general Community based natural resources management (CBNRM). I hold a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife management and Biology and a Master’s degree in Climate Change and sustainable development. Currently, I am supporting the WeForest Zambia team in implementation of the Global development alliance Hearth consortium Luangwa livelihoods and conservation project. I am based in the North Luangwa Landscape, in Zambia.
Catherine Njore

Cartographer, My Stern Mom Ltd

I am a member of Kenya Forest Club where we focus on educating learners on conservation. As a Cartographer I have authored 8 map books for children to create interest in maps and map uses at an early age. This will see them appreciate GIS and Remote sensing early in life as we have applied the technologies in the maps communicating reducing forest cover in parts of the country.  My passion is to communicate to the young, have them appreciate our efforts and be part of the efforts.

Data Entry Clerk, JCHX Construction Zambia Limited

A dynamic and detail-oriented individual with a passion for understanding service delivery, eager to contribute my knowledge and skills to dynamic conservation projects, I am seeking opportunities to collaborate with likeminded professionals and organizations dedicated to safeguarding our planet's biodiversity. 


Emmanuel IZABAYO

Research Assistant, Dian Fossey gorilla fund.

My area of interest in primate behaviors, not only because I have a background in zoology and conservation but also as someone who spent most of my time with primates. Moreover, I have some skills related to people vs wildlife conflict around PAs. currently, I'm working as a research assistant in mountain gorilla behavior data collection at Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund | Rwanda.
Romaric Tegang

Early-career Conservation Biologist, , Biodiversity Environment and Sustainable Development (BEDD)