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I am Arefine. I am an anchor & reciter. In between my studies in zoology, I am involved in extra curricular activities. I focus on field studies since my undergraduate studies. Field study alone and observing became my addiction. Photography was also added to this addiction. Although watching nature, observing animals is my passion, the thought of working on a specific subject did not come to my mind. After that, I started working at the marginal level with snakebite patients during the Corona period. Then I chose calligraphy as a means of awareness to reach people quickly. Although I did not give priority to online then, I later built my organization called Kundali Foundation. Under the banner of this organization, i started the work of conveying the message of awareness to people called 'Be Aware Of Snake'.   I was able to deliver my message to 495 upazilas of Bangladesh. The war is still going on because the fear of snakes has not died down among people.

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I have a foundation called 'Kundali Foundation' to make people aware.I am conducting a public awareness program called 'Be Aware Of Snake' under Kundali Foundation. On the other hand, to remove the superstitions, another program called 'Myth vangte vit lage' is going on.

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Feb 13, 2024
Replying to Thirza Loffeld

A warm welcome to WildHub Rezoana! Lovely to have you join us and thanks for sharing about your background, what inspires you and about your work. 

What kind of opportunities (e.g. knowledge, connections) are you looking for within our community?

There are several snake experts in WildHub who have published some of their lessons learned, such as  who published "Living with snakes: strengthening co-existence amid life and death",  who shared an update on his work with snakes in India last year and  shared about Indian Snakes app here. We also have our member @Doreen Beatrice Kakai in Uganda who is the Operations Manager for Snakes Uganda Limited. If you enter "snake" in the above search bar, you may also come across members who are working with snakes in your geographical area. 

I would recommend having a look at our upcoming WildHub socials (information here ) - it's a great way of sharing knowledge and getting to know each other in our WildHub community. 

Thanks for your informative comments. I consider myself a learner all the time so I love to learn all the time. On the other hand, as a  student of Zoology , I also want to expand my network. As we all work with wildlife, increased networking is also important. I want to write about snakes and also want to connect with herpetologist too. Thanks again, for the information. I am definitely willing to make various written, informative videos on snakes.

Take warm regards❤️

Feb 09, 2024
Replying to Grace Alawa

Arefine, welcome to WildHub. A good work you're doing with the awareness on snakes, could you share people's responses to calligraphy on snakes, were you able to measure the impact or any feedback mechanism on how others transformed their view on snakes through your advocacy?

Thank you for your warm regards.

Yes, of course. In the first stage a fearful situation is created among the people and I approach them seeing their condition. Then start telling them about non-venomous snakes like rat snake, trinket snake, ornate flying snake, bronzeback tree snake etc. Then they become stable and start asking questions on their own and I answer them. Eventually, i also distribute leaflet about snakebite management guidelines, too. As a result they later contact me for any snake related work and I help them. I have recorded many videos about their reaction.