How to join our WildHub Core community

In this post, we will briefly explain how we are building our WildHub Core community and how you can join.

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An overview of how to join WildHub's Core community can be found in the table below:

Core community group How to achieve it Key community badge Star community badge
Conservation Connector Connect the community to opportunities about jobs, training, funding and events  Key Connector: 12-24 contributions per year Star Connector: >24 contributions per year
Conservation Creator Create your own lessons learned and resources Key Creator: 6-11 contributions per year Star Creator: >12 contributions per year
Conservation Catalyst (apply here) Catalyse the sharing of other members their lessons learned Key Catalyst: 4-11 contributions per year Star Catalyst: >12 contributions per year

If you become a star  connector, creator, and catalyst within 1 calendar year you will be invited to the Community Leader group and receive the corresponding badge, replacing the other badges. 

There are some requirements before you will become part one of these Core community groups. Content needs to be:

  1. New (original to WildHub);
  2. Relevant and tailored to the interests of our community;
  3. Posted in our channels and/or open rooms;
  4. Follow our Community guidelines and Contributor guidelines.

If you would like to become a Conservation Catalyst with WildHub, please get in touch with us through this page, so that we can connect you to a our Conservation Catalyst group for peer support. 

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