Conservationist Care

Introducing a new safe space for you to feel cared for as a conservationist.
Conservationist Care

Conservation is an industry of carers, but nobody seems to be caring for the conservationists.

If you are reading this, you have probably tried to stop the world from burning while having no issue with burning yourself out.
It’s okay, I’m here to help.

Conservationist Care is a hub full of resources to help you start approaching your own life with the same sustainable mindset that you approach your work, study or volunteering. You can find helpful articles, books, podcasts and opportunities for your conservation community to receive tailored help to care for yourselves and each other. 

Explore or get in touch at for more information on caring for yourself as a conservationist :)

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Go to the profile of Chrissy
about 1 month ago

Thanks for sharing, Jessie <3

Go to the profile of Lara Reden
27 days ago

Thanks for sharing, Jessie!

Go to the profile of Michael Cunningham
4 days ago

Thats great to get a lot out in a post. 

It's certainly hard out there. So hard that me and my friend started our own CIC.

Obviously we started by seeing a niche and a USP.

One of our 3 pillars is conservation jobs and it is hard finding funding whilst sticking to our values as we are compeiting in a world which uses guilt to lever money... 

I would gladly write an open letter as certainly suffer from Eco Anxiety and burnout.

Chat soon

Mile C